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How I book 89 % of wedding clients who meet me


Alliances: The fastest way to get clients


Simple ways to get clients to respect, like and book you more


What should portrait and wedding photographers charge?

Earn a great living doing what you love!

For people who are determined to have a better life through wedding and portrait photography. A life where they get up every morning and look forward to the day ahead, whether it’s a Monday a Friday or a Sunday. No soul destroying bosses. No office politics. No Sunday night blues.

We’ll give you the knowledge, tips and secrets you need to earn a great living doing what you love. There are few things better in this world.

Being a successful portrait and wedding photographer requires you to think like an entrepreneur. If you simply copy every other photographer out there you’ll get the same results they do. Sadly the average photographer is either struggling or doing it part time. So you really don’t want to be an average wedding and portrait photographer. You want to do things a little differently. We’ll give you the skills to:

  • Attract the kind of prospects you want
  • Covert those prospects into clients
  • Help those clients see the value of photography
  • Provide a product and services that your clients are prepared to pay more for
  • Ensure those clients are happy and refer their friends

You’ll have many questions along your journey, so sign up for the free webinars and feel free to email us questions. We’re dedicated to helping photographers earn the living they deserve.

Wishing you every success!

Donna Green, Glasgow

"Without having seen all your material, I’m not sure I would ever have seriously considered this as a business I’d have the skills and knowledge to get into. I feel the way forward is a lot clearer now and I’m less petrified of being a complete ignoramus at sales and pricing. I really believe the information is solid gold. Again, thank you for your fabulous contributions to the photographic community, I for one can’t get enough of them!"

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Simple ways to get clients to respect, like and book you more

Heading (obsolete)

How I book 89 % of wedding clients who meet me

Heading (obsolete)

Alliances: The fastest way to get clients


The first steps to setting up a successful portrait business

Corinne Fielding

"I just wanted to send a huge thank you. I am a photographer trying to get out of the corporate world and into my own business. I am so glad that I found this page, and to know that there are photographers out there that are willing to help. "

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How to create a yearly plan and put marketing on autopilot...

Hana Dudley

"I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for being so open and helpful!! I had a “photography sales and marketing course” booked for tomorrow which was going to cost me £800!! I thought better of it and cancelled and started researching online. I found you! my business has only been up and running for about 6 weeks.. and I’ve been doing all the “don’t do that things” I made a massive list of notes and I’m very excited to start putting them into practice! I have no doubts those methods will work. Thank you for being amazing – I know photography is a bit of a harsh environment and everyone seems to get utterly competitive and secretive over their work and prices and methods so finding anything worthwhile to learn from was a bit hard."

Free email course

Were you like me? Day job getting you down, fed up with your boss, and wanting to spend more time with your family?

Making money from photography is easier than you think! All you need is a bit of help and to be pointed in the right direction!

Our FREE EMAIL COURSE will help get you started!

Max Aureli Photography

"Your thoughts are the most positive I ever read about photography, Dan. You are able to bring alive a dead creative person. Can you believe it? You inspired me to be willing to make positive changes in the way I do business."

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Hi! I'm Dan


It’s always good to know a bit about whoever’s teaching you something. After all, they might be teaching you a load of useless junk that doesn’t work!

Hi, I’m Dan Waters, a professional portrait and wedding photographer and the co-founder of Get Pro Photo Club. You can check out my photography at www.danwaterscreative.com

I was a marketing professional for around 17 years and got my degree in Marketing and Business Studies way back in 1995.

I’ve invested thousands of pounds and thousands of hours studying the programmes and systems of the world’s leading business consultants.

People like Drayton Bird, The Results Corporation, Dan Kennedy, Clayton Makepeace (who’s considered the world’s highest paid marketing copywriter by the way!), Brendon Burchard, Napolean Hill, Joe Girard, Ari Galper, Brian Tracy and many more.

I’ve been featured on leading photography websites like:

Weirdly, I think it’s my deficiencies that make me most helpful to you though. For example, I’m a serial ‘people pleaser’. This means I hate to upset or disappoint anyone. So I understand how you feel if you get uncomfortable talking to your photography clients about price. I get it. And because I get it I can help you overcome your fears and lack of confidence because I can share what worked for me. I was an average (straight C) student, painfully shy and even bullied back at school. So, if I can earn £2000 from a single family portrait session then anyone can – that means YOU!!

At www.getprophotoclub.com we’ll give you all the secrets you need…

…and we’re here every step of the way to help answer your questions.