Month: January 2016

Is your photography good enough to sell?

Most of us are riddled with insecurities. I am. I used to be choked with nerves before a portrait session and was almost paralysed with fear before a wedding. What if the clients hate the photographs? What if I get tongue tied during the session and we have awkward silences? What if someone laughs at […]

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How to entertain your photography clients

I remember one of the first paid photography jobs I ever had. I was photographing a woman for a hair salon. Before the session I’d spent so much time worrying about the photographic side of the process that I’d never given any consideration to what I’d actually SAY. I froze. My face flushed and I […]

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Bullied, no confidence and a face like Harry Hill!

I’ve always been an odd looking chap. 5 foot 6, a little button nose and an irregular shaped face. At school I didn’t help myself by growing long hair which resulted in people calling me ‘Werewolf’! I got a lot of stick. 10 years of that gives your confidence a dent and it’s hard to […]

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