Month: March 2016

How to get photography clients away from thinking about price

Does this sound familiar? The phone rings and they person at the other end says… “Hi, I’m getting married next year, can you tell me how much you charge?” You say “Sure, I have packages from £x depending on what you’re looking for”. They say, “OK, thanks, I’m just shopping around at the moment so […]

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18 Awesome Photography Resources – no charge…

In the last post I explained that endlessly roaming the internet looking for magic pills to transform your photography business is the biggest mistake you can make. I explained that it’s much better to find someone who’s already having success with a photography business system that works and then use their system. Of course most […]

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The Number 1 Reason Photography Businesses Fail…

There are so many struggling photographers out there. I was one of them. I was making the same mistake so many other photographers make. It’s a curse that the internet has disguised as a blessing. In this video I explain what this terrible mistake is, why it causes so many photographers to fail and quit […]

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