Month: April 2016

How to get a wedding venue to recommend you

I’m no mind-reader, but I’m guessing there are roughly a gazillion wedding photographers in your area. You’re all clamouring for a limited number of weddings. Most photographers cross their fingers and hope a handful of brides visit their website, while others haemorrhage money on ineffective advertising. Wouldn’t it be sweet if you had a wedding […]

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How to get wedding venues and suppliers to recommend you

In the last email I said you need to help wedding couples like and trust you through clever marketing if you want them to hire you. The same is true with wedding suppliers. I’ve had two wedding planners start recommending me when I’ve never even photographed any of their weddings! It was all because I […]

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The one thing most wedding photographers want to know…

…How to get more wedding photography clients. That was the main cause of frustration for most of our subscribers when we ran our survey last year. There are many reasons you may be struggling to get wedding enquiries. However, you can boil it all down to one sentence: Your marketing isn’t helping your prospects TRUST […]

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