Month: August 2016

How to create a successful photography promotion

How to create a successful photography promotion The word ‘promotion’ instantly conjures up the thought of a discount. Shops constantly run 50% off sales. It’s no wonder that most photographers think they have to cut their prices to create a successful photography promotion. The difference between a photographer and a shop is that you’re selling […]

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How to be taken seriously as a photographer

Sometimes us poor photographers get treated with the same respect as a banjo player at an orchestral recital. Do clients cancel on you at the last minute? Do they haggle your prices even though you’re struggling to make ends meet? Do they want everything on a CD for the price of a slap up meal? […]

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How to justify your photography prices to yourself

There are five phases of justifying your photography prices to yourself… … and they’re very similar to the five phases of grief! Phase 1: Denial Phase 2: Anger Phase 3: Bargaining Phase 4: Depression Phase 5: Acceptance! Nearly every photographer has been through this process. When I started out I did a quick Google search […]

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