Month: May 2017

Cruel ways photographers torture themselves

The phrase ‘tortured artist’ is a popular stereotype and it definitely applies to photographers. Most of us are riddled with self doubt, but the torment doesn’t end there. Photographers don’t tend to fall out of love with photography, they fall out of love with the mental anguish that comes with the job. In this post […]

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Get a client tomorrow with my new favourite photography marketing technique

There’s a little known marketing idea that has been going around in the photography industry for a long time. I’d never tried it because the results I was hearing about didn’t get me excited. However, my friend Andrew Hellmich from Photobiz Exposed persuaded me to try it. Why? Because the results he and his fellow […]

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How to clone your best clients

I’ve got something special for you today, but first, an introduction. I don’t know if you know Heidi Thompson, but she is a wedding business & marketing strategist, founder of Evolve Your Wedding Business, and a friend of mine. In fact she used to live just a few miles from me. She has spent the […]

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