Month: November 2018

What’s the most important stat in your photography business?

Everyone’s desperate for more enquiries. More, more, more. That’s totally understandable. Enquiries are important because when you’ve got lots of enquiries it builds your confidence and makes it easier to raise prices. But what’s the point in getting enquiries if you’re not booking them? So does that mean your booking conversion rate is the most […]

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Stuff I learned by getting drunk with my competitors last week

Every few months I go out for a few drinks with my photography competitors. We have a Facebook group of around 20 of the leading photographers in the area. We share wedding leads when we’re already booked. We share advice. We share stories. We share. Here are a few of the random things that came […]

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How to use psychology in your photography business

Marketing and sales is really just about understanding human psychology. As portrait and wedding photographers it’s our job to understand people. The better you understand how people think the less you’ll be saying things like: “Why didn’t that enquiry respond to my email?” “Why isn’t my website getting any enquiries?” “Why doesn’t anyone want to […]

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