45 Facebook Post Ideas For Photographers

There are 2 ways of coming up with Facebook post ideas.

  1. Sit down once a week and brainstorm a bunch of ideas for the week and then plan which posts to write on which days. Then you can either upload them manually at the appropriate time, or you can upload them into software like www.hootsuite.com which will automate the uploads for you, and even upload to multiple platforms at once (Instagram, Twitter etc.)
  2. When you have a spare moment you panic and realise you’ve not posted anything for two weeks. Your brain goes blank and you just post another dull “Here are the photographs from my latest session – I had a great time with this wonderful family…blah, blah, blah.”

To save you countless hours, deep in thought, staring at your screen like a gormless heron I’ve come to the rescue with 45 Facebook post ideas for photographers.

But first, you’ve got to consider the purpose of your Facebook page.

  • To build trust
  • To get people to feel like they know you and like you
  • To educate people about your services and what makes you different from everyone else (without being too preachy)
  • To entertain (so they’ll like you – and so you can preach without sounding preachy!)
  • To show what you stand for (E.g. quirkiness, glamour, family values, edginess, sophistication, your charity and community work etc.)
  • To create a tribe of people who stand for the same thing
  • To get people to want to hire you because they like what your brand represents and not because you’re cheap
  • Oh, and to show that you’re pretty handy with a camera.

Think of your Facebook page as a radio show. Your photographs are the songs.

Most radio shows don’t just play songs. They’ll have a DJ who listeners either love, or hate.

That’s you!

It’s ok if some people don’t like your page. You’ll never be right for everyone, so it’s best to be perfect for a few people.

Be yourself. Be authentic.

It’s scary to know you’re repelling people (we want everyone to love us), but being distinct is the best path.

Radio shows also have competitions. Your Facebook page should too.

Radio shows also get involved in the community. Your photography business should too.

Radio shows also have special guests. Your Facebook page can champion other businesses that share your target market. Wedding venues and children’s clothing stores, for example.

Radio shows get listeners to call up and chat. Your Facebook page should be encouraging readers to leave comments. You do that by asking questions that people feel compelled to answer…

…such as ‘what’s the best way of getting baby pooh out of a dry clean blanket!?

Have a clear idea of who you want to attract (it’s easier when you’re a specialist photographer rather than a generalist).

Try and have fun creating your ‘Facebook Radio Show’ so it doesn’t feel like a chore.

The only reason for having a Facebook page

You should never lose sight of the only sensible reason to have a Facebook business page…

…to book clients! New clients and repeat clients.

So don’t be afraid to ask people to hire you. Not on every post, but roughly 1/4 of posts can have a sales message. It doesn’t always have to be blatant. Sometimes it can be as simple as asking people to message you for more details.

But when you’re running a promotion or competition then you want to be very clear about what you want people to do.

An entire year’s worth of effective Facebook posts and promotions for photographers…

I’m currently creating an entire year’s worth of effective wedding and portrait Facebook posts and promotions for Get Pro Photo Club members. If this is something you’d be interested in then become a member and trial us for a month, for free.

Imagine that! All your Facebook photography promotions pre-written for you to copy and paste.

You can crack on with your photography while the promotions bring the clients in for you.

No more racking your brains for ideas, or agonising over the right words to use. I’ve done it all for you and used most of the promotions in my own business.

Plus, Get Pro Photo Club members get free access to a Facebook advert course that brought me 34 family photography enquiries, 27 wedding enquiries and 43 newborn enquiries. Sign up today to get free access for a month and you can cancel any time.

In between those promotions you can use the 45 Facebook post ideas for photographers, below. They’ll help people get to know you and like you and trust you to make your promotions even more effective.

Some of these ideas can link to blog posts while others can be self contained in a simple post. Remember that when you link to other websites Facebook will show your post to fewer people as they don’t like people leaving their platform.

That’s not to say you should never link to your website – just be aware that your reach will be reduced to a trickle.

One trick I use is to write a really long helpful blog post and then link to it from a Facebook post. I then use Facebook’s advertising platform to pay to reach a bigger (but still targeted) audience.

One great example of this is when I promoted my blog post called ‘The 9 questions to ask a wedding photographer before you hire them’. I targeted it to engaged couples in my area. It booked me 5 weddings in one month and it’s getting more and more effective the more likes, shares and comments it gets.

OK, that’s enough chat from me – here are those photography Facebook post ideas…

  1. Upload a behind the scenes video of you at a wedding or portrait session. Short clips on your mobile phone are fine and get a great response on Facebook. If you need a little help making your behind the scenes footage more interesting then check out our eBook called ‘No More Dreading-Wedding Group Photos’ where I share some great ways of making the group photos more entertaining.
  2. 10 psychological tricks you use when photographing kids
  3. Photograph and share your client’s family photographs displayed in their homes. It will show how beautiful decent sized family photographs look on a wall.
  4. Photograph and share your client’s wedding albums to show how an album beautifully tells the story of a wedding
  5. Talk about the quality of your supplier’s products. Do you use archival paper that last 100+ years, for example?
  6. Share funny moments from your years in photography.
  7. Explain what makes you different from other photographers?
  8. Show off your awards and press coverage.
  9. Obviously you’re going to share your latest promotion, competitions and special sessions (bluebells, mini-sessions, beach sessions etc.). As mentioned above, members have access to a Facebook promotion strategy that consistently brings me dozens of wedding, family and baby enquiries every time I run it.
  10. Ask for client feedback and create a survey about what readers want from their wedding / family photographer. You’ll learn a huge amount from the results and you’ll be able to improve your marketing accordingly.
  11. Before and after shots to show your editing and lighting skills
  12. Your To-do list to show photography is more than just pressing a button!
  13. Do a video showing all your equipment and why you use it.
  14. 5 lessons you’ve learned as a professional photographer (be positive!)
  15. How clients should prepare for their wedding / family portrait session
  16. How to look great in photographs
  17. As wedding photographers we hear a lot of speeches. Use all that knowledge to right a post about how to write the best groom’s speech ever (and what not to do!)
  18. The 10 questions to ask a wedding photographer before you hire them or write a blog post and link to it in an advert as I mentioned earlier.
  19. Share stories about why family photos are so important.
  20. Your favourite wedding venues in your area (do one a day / week)
  21. The best boutique wedding suppliers in your area (do one a day / week)
  22. Offer tips on how to choose a wedding venue
  23. It doesn’t always have to be photography related (The best family days out in your city, for example).
  24. Promote your business alliances. Business alliances are business that share your target market and help promote your photography business. If you don’t know how to get an alliance then sign up and become a member to find out how
  25. Share 10 ideas for a quirky/vintage/high end/boutique/crazy wedding
  26. Interview other high quality wedding suppliers and upload a video of the interview to help promote each other.
  27. Share your favourite portrait locations and the different times of year they’re best. This positions you as an expert who knows all the best and most beautiful places.
  28. Tell stories about your family and your clients. Stories are perhaps the best way of connecting with your audience and subtly educating people on the power of photography.
  29. Your best wedding photographs of the year / month
  30. Portrait of the month (you could have a prize for the winning client). You could get the clients and their friends to vote to bring more traffic to your website. Beware that Facebook doesn’t like you to specifically ask people to leave comments or share or like in order to enter a competition. That could get you banned from Facebook. However you can ask questions like ‘which is your favourite?’, or you can send people to your website to vote there.
  31. Share your testimonials
  32. Talk about your personal photography projects
  33. Talk about the charities you like to support.
  34. Share your holiday photographs
  35. Share photographs of your own family. Particularly any that you have displayed in your home at decent sizes. You want people to see that you believe in what you’re selling.
  36. Write about your hero / who would you most like to photograph?
  37. Write about your thought processes and what inspires you
  38. Share 10 places you’d love to photograph a wedding at.
  39. Do and share crazy / viral stuff like…
  40. ….Dog weddings (yep – it’s a thing!)
  41. 10 crazy ideas for engagement sessions
  42. Dress up some babies or children as the A-team
  43. Do a crazy composite photograph
  44. Do a family portrait showing ‘real life’
  45. A bloopers reel of your funniest photographs (peeing babies, brides who’ve tripped over, drunk wedding guests etc.)
  46. And of course you can share other relevant content from other people’s pages and websites.

What posts have worked well for you? What websites and Facebook pages do you like sharing on your page? Where do you get your inspiration? I’d love to add to this list.

If you found that helpful then check out our podcast where we’re helping a part time photographer go full time. Also you’ll love our post called 52 tasks to help you become a full time photographer in a year.