Episode 002 – Analyse your life to create your ideal photography business

Like most photographers I started my business with no direction, no goals and no idea what I was doing or why I was doing it.

I wasted the first 3 years because I hadn’t thought about the kind of photography business that would be right for me.

But how do you know what sort of business will be right for you?

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this episode.

  • How to audit your life so you can create the right photography business for you
  • Why you need to know who you are, what you want and what you’re good at before you start your photography business
  • How to use the business concept known as a SWOT analysis to help you build a successful photography business that you’ll love
  • I create a powerful brand image for Mari on the fly based on her description about herself
  • Why I like Mari’s business name ‘MariLand images’ and why it will fit the brand concept I’ve devised for her.
  • Why I made a mistake focusing on baby photography but why it’s right for Mari.
  • The one word that explains how to make networking enjoyable and effective
  • How you can reduce the endless hours you spend on Photoshop so you can increase your hourly rate
  • Why you shouldn’t show family and baby clients more than 25 photographs
  • Why you’re being kind to your client by not showing them too many photographs
  • Why you can’t get too emotionally connected to your client’s photographs

Premium content

If you become a Get Pro Photo Club member then you’ll not only get access to all the courses within the membership site, you’ll also get the full podcast interview each episode. The free podcast is missing some of the juicy stuff so our members don’t get upset we’re giving too much away.

The premium content this week is:

  • The biggest problem photographers face in their business with an entire course on how to overcome it.
  • The biggest assets in your life and how they can benefit your photography business


  • Create a SWOT analysis as discussed in this episode. I’d love for listeners and members to share their SWOT analysis either in the comments section on the website, or on our private Facebook group.
  • Members should watch the time management video on the membership site called ‘ How to manage your time and get more done’.
  • Members should watch the branding video on the membership site called ‘How to build a brand and attract clients’.

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