Bullied, no confidence and a face like Harry Hill!

I’ve always been an odd looking chap. 5 foot 6, a little button nose and an irregular shaped face.

At school I didn’t help myself by growing long hair which resulted in people calling me ‘Werewolf’!

I got a lot of stick.

10 years of that gives your confidence a dent and it’s hard to shake off.

You start to think that this shy, timid little person is all you’re ever going to be.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”


I got lucky. Some great friends built me up and I eventually got a great boss after years of being torn to shreds by two other horrendous ones.

With support and training I rose up to being a Marketing Manager for SIG PLC, in charge of a £750,000 budget.

This gave me the experience and confidence to launch my photography career.

Why am I telling you this?

Because most photographers suffer from a crippling lack of self confidence and they let it consume them and destroy their hopes of a successful business.

We love to please people and hate confrontation.

We keep our prices low in case someone shouts at us.

We’re terrified our clients won’t like our photography.

If this sounds familiar then there’s something you can do about it.

Feed your mind with the kind of knowledge that will inspire and motivate you so much that your excitement and enthusiasm will override any fear.

However you MUST feed your brain almost every day. You become what you think about. If you think about negative things then you’ll become negative. I’ve been there and it’s a horribly vicious circle.

Break the cycle of doom by taking 30-60 minutes every day to put positive and helpful thoughts and information into your brain.

I promise you’ll be transformed before you know it.

Where should you start?

Check out Brendon Burchard (Google him or go to Youtube). He’ll get you fired up and give you the personal and emotional strength to help you feel unbeatable.

However, poorly directed enthusiasm has created everything from drug barons to Hitler! You need to direct your efforts into running your photography business effectively. The feeling of accomplishment, happiness and contentment that comes from owning a successful business that you enjoy is fantastic.

That’s how the Get Pro Photo Club membership site can help. The information we share is the kind of thing that helped me transform myself from a scared little ‘werewolf’ into the thick skinned, confident guy I am now. I actively use my resemblance to Harry Hill as part of my ‘act’ for entertaining wedding and portrait clients. I’ve turned my odd appearance into an asset.

Some of your biggest weaknesses are really strengths. Someone who lacks confidence can be much better at building trust than a loud ‘Alpha’ personality, for example.

That said, I do think it’s important that your clients clearly see how enthusiastic you are. When you’re a portrait and wedding photographer you’re effectively ‘performing on stage’ – you’re an entertainer. The more enjoyable you make the process for your clients the better you’ll do.

In the next email I’ll share some of the things I do to help your clients have fun and relax while they’re being photographed.

Wishing you every success
Dan Waters – Co-founder of Get Pro Photo Club