Check out my interview with Andrew Hellmich from Photobizexposed

I was honoured to be interviewed by the lovely Andrew Hellmich of recently. You can check it out here.

We talk about all this and more:

  • How in-person sales guarantees doubling or tripling your profits
  • Why most photographers start with online sales instead of in-person sales
  • What is it with in-person sales sessions that makes people spend more money?
  • Why so many photographers struggle with confidence
  • Using Pro Select’s room view feature to guarantee successful in-person sales
  • My reaction to hearing my website design looks old and outdated (He loved my answer!)
  • Photographers tend to assume people don’t read websites anymore – big mistake!
  • How to boost your Google ranking
  • Why you need to make friends with your wedding vendors

We went over the allotted time limit because I got on a bit of a roll and Andrew just let me keep on going.

Aside from what I talked about on the interview there’s another underlying lesson for you here too.

There are loads of Podcasts and websites out there looking for photographers with interesting tips, ideas, projects and stories.

You can either be interviewed or write a ‘guest post’ for them. It’s up to you if you’re more comfortable writing or talking.

I’m not just talking about the photography websites either – there are lots of wedding ones too. They’ll always give you a link back to your website when they upload your post / interview. Getting links from big, high quality websites like this helps your Google ranking. Plus, if it’s a wedding website then it can directly bring actual clients into your business too.

This is one of those things that most photographers aren’t prepared to do. Perhaps due to lack of confidence, or perhaps simply because they don’t think of it. That interview took up just one hour of my time and now I’ll always have the link back to my website. One of the reasons my website is well ranked is because I’ve got these links from popular websites. Check out this post for some of the other ways to improve your Google ranking.

You’re not going to get instant results, but once your website is at the top of Google it brings you enquiries every single day for very little extra effort. And isn’t that what we all want? So, are you prepared to go through a little extra pain now in exchange for a handsome reward in a year or two? Most photographers won’t do it. So, the ones who do reap the rewards.

Don’t forget to check out the interview here.