Do you have confidence in your photography, your prices and yourself

The other day I met a young man who had difficulty looking at me when he spoke. His voice was quiet and unsure.

Do you know anyone like that?

Well, that person used to be me. It’s hard to watch. You’ve probably seen this kind of thing on Pop Idol. You feel for these people, but you wouldn’t hire them.

If you or anyone you know is like that then I have good news – you can turn it around. I did.

Happy, positive photographers attract clients while quiet tentative ones repel them.

You love photography, right? Show that love and enthusiasm.

If you’re not confident in yourself then other people won’t have confidence in you either.

Negative energy attracts other negative energy. Many people go through life wondering why happiness and good things never come their way. Could it be that what they think and believe affects how they look and feel and ultimately affects how people feel and act towards them?


However, psychologists have proven that feelings follow actions, so if you ACT happy and enthusiastic when you’re with a prospect or client then pretty soon you’ll FEEL happy and enthusiastic. It’s your body tricking your mind. Plus, your clients will start to react better towards you and this will generate even more genuine positivity for you.

The way you think has a profound effect on how successful your photography business will be.

Our FREE 28 page E-book reveals the 12 critical issues photographers struggle with and explains how to overcome them.

Issues like
“How can I compete with all the cheap photographers?”
“Is my photography good enough to sell?”
“I can’t face the thought of someone complaining about my prices”
“No-one seems to respect me and my photography”

If these issues sound familiar then you need to deal with them before anything else.

Our book will help you understand how I overcame my crippling lack of self confidence so I could finally start earning a great living doing what I love.