Episode 013 – How photographers can overcome fear, procrastination and self doubt

In the last episode I talked about my thoughts on how photographers can overcome fear and procrastination.

I believe they’re the 2 biggest problems you face in your business. And because I feel these issues are so important I’ve found someone who may just be the best person on the planet to help you…

Oprah Winfrey!! No, not really, it’s Jenika McDavitt from Psychology For Photographers. She’s a photographer who graduated in behavioural neuroscience at YALE and went on to earn a master’s degree in psychology.  

So, Jenika is HIGHLY qualified to go rooting around in the dark corners of your mind and help you overcome any mental angst you might have about your business.

Jenika is perfect for us to chat with because she understands the psychology side and the photography side of overcoming fear, procrastination and self doubt.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this episode.

  • How to overcome your fear of charging more than you’re comfortable with
  • The simple way to increase your prices
  • How to know if you’re charging what you’re worth for your photography
  • You’re not alone – many photographers suffer from ‘imposter syndrome’ but they still succeed
  • How to justify your prices to yourself
  • How photographers can compete on service and not price
  • How effective marketing will help you charge more
  • How to charge more than another photographer (even if you think they’re better) and still feel ok about it
  • The importance of connecting with a client on an emotional level
  • Why people will pay more for a photographer even if the service is the same
  • Why the exact same photograph could create positive or negative memories for a client
  • There’s more than one way of pricing your work and presenting your prices
  • Why social proof is so important and you should explain what ‘most people do’
  • The importance of ‘the middle package’ if you sell packages
  • Should you have prices on your website
  • The importance of asking questions and being helpful when presenting your prices
  • What to say when someone says “That’s more than I wanted to spend”
  • The right way and the wrong way to talk about your photographs in an in-person sales session
  • Why selling in the right way isn’t manipulative
  • Why you should never be the right photographer for everyone

Premium content for Get Pro Photo Club Members

  • How to overcome procrastination
  • How to finish challenging projects
  • How overcoming fear will help you overcome procrastination
  • How to manage your time to overcome procrastination
  • How to reframe the way you think about marketing and sales so you’re excited to do it

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