Episode 015 – How to get family photography clients through Facebook

Most family and baby photographers use Facebook to try and get clients. In fact it’s about the only marketing many photographers use. Sadly many photographers don’t get past the boring “Here are a few of my favs from my last session” type of post. Yawn!

When Mari (who I’ve been mentoring on this podcast) told me she couldn’t think of anything to write on her Facebook page (her homework was to write 5 posts!) I decided to get some reinforcements…

…So, with me today I have the very talented family and baby photographer, Donna Loring from Sweet Whimsy Photography in Pontypridd, South Wales.

I first became aware of Donna when she became a Get Pro Photo Club member. In checking out her Facebook business page I noticed she had a wonderful talent for writing about family and baby photography.

I decided I should get her on the podcast so she can offer some tips on how to think up interesting Facebook post ideas that get engagement and ultimately clients.

Since this episode I’ve created this blog post containing 45 Facebook posts for photographers which you’ll find very helpful the next time you’re struggling for inspiration.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this episode.

  • The Scandinavian word that sums up how family and baby photographers should write to attract their ideal clients
  • How Donna comes up with engaging Facebook post ideas
  • The different themes Donna uses to give her Facebook page variety
  • Why you have to post regularly on Facebook to make it effective
  • How Pinterest can help you come up with Facebook posts
  • Why it’s good to plan a week’s worth of Facebook posts in advance
  • How to schedule your Facebook posts automatically
  • Why it’s ok to post the same photograph or message more than once
  • Facebook wants you to get addicted to Facebook and how that impacts on your Business Page
  • How Donna schedules her social media and the software she uses
  • The benefit of Instagram over Facebook for photographers
  • Why Donna believes you have to do face-to-face networking as well as social media networking
  • Why Donna’s networking group is perfect for portrait photographers and why you should see if there’s a similar one in your area
  • How mini-sessions help grow your family photography business
  • Donna’s best Facebook post for getting portrait bookings
  • How to make your social media audience more receptive to sales posts
  • How Donna plans and promotes her mini sessions and themed portrait sessions
  • Where Donna gets her props and display material for her themed baby and child sessions
  • A word of caution about buying props for baby and child photography
  • How Donna uses mini sessions and themed sessions to build her database and repeat business

Premium content for Get Pro Photo Club Members

  • How I got 14 family photography enquiries in two days for just over £1, using Facebook
  • Why some people are making good sales from Facebook promotions and why some people aren’t
  • How to animate still photographs to get attention on social media and use them as bonuses for your clients
  • The parallels between your social media and running a radio show or magazine
  • The special Facebook group Donna set up to get more engagement on her Facebook page

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