Episode 017 – Sales and marketing for documentary family photographers

In this episode we dig deeper into sales and marketing techniques and how they relate to Jae’s documentary style of family photography.

We bounce around the following straplines for Jae’s business:

Jae’s idea was ‘Naturally thoughtful’ and my list was:

  • Your life’s story
  • Real life photography
  • Jae Marie – photographic storyteller
  • Your life brought to life
  • Your story, beautifully told
  • Family matters
  • Natural. Real. Beautiful

We also talk about Jae’s most recent in-person sales session and how Jae could improve her process (although she still got a £495 order).

And for premium members I share the advert structure that has brought me dozens of wedding and family photography clients. I even share the exact advert I’ve written specifically for Jae.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this episode.

  • How many photographs should you show family photography clients?
  • How to help people decide what photographs they want in an in-person sales session
  • How to avoid customers feeling overwhelmed when choosing their photographs
  • The key questions to ask family photography clients to help the sales process
  • The problems that occur when you show people too many photographs
  • How to use blog posts in your marketing so they’re constantly bringing in clients
  • Why it’s a good idea to keep reusing the same Facebook advert and the mistake to avoid.
  • The kind of profile photograph to avoid having on your About Page
  • The importance of having wall portraits of your own family in your home if you do sales sessions there.
  • The importance of quickly getting your brand across on your website homepage.
  • Branding ideas for documentary style family photographers
  • The best question to ask yourself every morning
  • The things that matter regarding SEO and the things that don’t

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Here’s what’s in the premium version of this episode.

  • The quickest way to get money in your bank right now
  • The Facebook advert I created for Jae and why it will bring her lots of enquiries
  • How to avoid freebie hunters
  • What’s the best method of capturing leads
  • How to filter good enquiries from bad ones.

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