Episode 019 – Branding tips for photographers from Anna Pumer

I’m very excited about today’s episode because I’ll be interviewing Anna Pumer who’s a sorceress when it comes to photography branding and she’s a jolly soul as well.

If you’re not getting enough of the right kind of enquiries then your branding is usually the first place you should look.

After all, if your website and message and photographs look the same as everyone else’s then there’s no reason to choose you.

Similarly, if you’re not telling people about yourself on your website, on Facebook etc. then it puts people off contacting you because they don’t know what sort of person to expect.

Your goal is to have people feel like they know you and like you just by reading your website and social media posts.

When people feel comfortable that they’re going to like you and feel comfortable talking with you they’re much more likely to get in touch.

That’s the power of effective photography branding.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this episode.

  • How can you get your brand across if you’re not a good writer?
  • Why you shouldn’t copy other people’s websites
  • Why your website and branding needs to match your personality
  • The definition of branding for photographers
  • How do you create your photography brand?
  • How your brand should influence your business decisions
  • We discuss straplines for documentary photographers
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to change your brand
  • How to get people to love your brand
  • Anna’s welcome pack for wedding clients
  • How clothing impacts your brand
  • Why and how small details in your life can help you build a brand

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Here’s what’s in the premium version of this episode.

  • Anna reviews Jae’s website
  • How to get more people to call you by branding effectively on your website
  • Should you have more than one type of photography on your website?
  • Photographers who we feel do a good job of branding themselves (see the links section below for the list of websites, plus a few more I’ve thought of since)
  • How to use smartphone videos to get people to fall in love with your brand
  • The things I say in family sessions to get natural smiles and interactions

Links to things we discussed in this episode

Photographers who do a good job of branding themselves:

Anna recommended: www.mariannechua.com

Here are some of my favourites:







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