Episode 021 – How to be different from other photographers

My old mentor (Charles Lewis) used to say “If you’re the same as all the other photographers then the only thing that differentiates you is price”. In this podcast episode I explain how to be different from other photographers. That includes thinking differently and doing things differently from other photographers. For example, in the intro I explain how you can get ranked at the top of Google without doing any SEO or paying any money!

It’s great to be inspired by other photographers and look at what your local competition is up to – but ultimately success comes from following your own path.

Being true to yourself and utilising your strengths.

That’s why we’ve been talking about branding in the last few episodes because you need your photography business to stand out from the rest. You need to attract some clients and repel others.

Your photography business can be different from the competition in so many different ways. For example:

  • Most photographers don’t reveal their personality enough in their marketing
  • You can offer different products to your competition. Archival prints, for example.
  • You can offer different services from other photographers.
  • You can differentiate your photography business through your branding (you could be quirky, or utilise the beauty of nature, or being the studio lighting genius, or edgy, or wholesome etc…)
  • You can specialise in a very specific niche to be different from other photographers (pets, newborns, elopements, alternative weddings, extended families, parties, headshots, boudoir for over 40s, composites etc.)

The most important thing you can think about within your business is how you can be different. If you can stand out from everyone else then you’ll attract more clients and they’ll be less price sensitive.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this episode.

  • How to get ranked at the top of Google without doing any SEO
  • What to do if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the business side of photography or you’re losing your love for the business.
  • How to ‘follow your flow’ so marketing your photography becomes easier and more enjoyable
  • Business opportunities are all around you if you’re looking and brave enough to take action
  • Pricing business headshots
  • The secret to ‘getting lucky’ in photography and life
  • Why Jae has stopped using her personal Facebook account
  • Why you need to look busy to get busy
  • Photographers who are good at blogging about weddings and families
  • How to differentiate your wedding photography from the competition
  • The wedding album supplier I use and why

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Here’s what’s in the premium version of this episode.

  • More ways to differentiate your wedding photography service
  • The 3 things to add to the way you write about your service to ensure clients will be eager to call you
  • Why I stopped doing most half day weddings
  • Is a mood board a good idea or not?

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