Episode 026 – The best way to run a family photography business

There are many successful family photographers in the world and they run their businesses in a multitude of different ways. Over the years you can tailor your approach but I feel the best way to run a family photography business is to do an in-person design consultation and to do in-person sales.

A design consultation is where you meet people (I usually go to their home) before you’re hired. This has many benefits:

  • It’s much easier to build rapport in person than on email or on a phone.
  • You can chat about what they want from the shoot.
  • You can see their home and see where the spaces are on the walls so you can see what products and sizes of wall portrait will work best for them.
  • You can go through your portfolio with them to see what they do and don’t like.
  • And a whole bunch more… we have a whole course on design consultation on the membership site – it’s called ‘Why you must always meet portrait client before you’re hired’.

In-person sales is where you’re with your clients when you show them the photographs from their shoot. You don’t put them online and you don’t just do shoot and burn.

There’s a whole process to that too and we discuss that in the premium section of this episode. Members can also check out a whole kaleidoscope of information on In-person sales on our membership site under the ‘Sales’ tab.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this episode.

  • A simple trick for knowing how good your website’s About page is
  • We run through what we’ve written for Jae’s About page and explain the simple system anyone can use.
  • How to reveal your prices to clients before they hire you
  • How to remove the stress from in-person sales (IPS) and talking about your photography prices
  • The importance of doing an in-person consultation before someone hires you (or at least a telephone consultation).
  • How to avoid being stood up by family photography clients
  • Photography is all about connecting with people, so why try and do all your communicating online and over email?
  • Why I like doing in-person consultations (i.e. the meeting you have BEFORE you’re hired) in people’s homes.

Premium content for Get Pro Photo Club Members

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Here’s what’s in the premium version of this episode.

The effective system I use when doing in person sales sessions

  • The importance of emotion in your photography business
  • How Jae helps clients understand the importance of using a professional print lab (which helps her get people away from thinking digitally and investing in quality printed artwork)
  • The products I sell to my family photography clients
  • Why you should never do sneak peeks for family photography sessions
  • How to make pricing your photography easy
  • I put together a frame order on One Vision Imaging within seconds to show how quick and easy it is using their online frame builder
  • The videos on the membership site that give you even more information on how I do in-person sales for family photography sessions
  • Why it’s good to not just do packages if you’re not keen on (or good at) selling

Links to things we discussed in this episode

  • www.onevisionimaging.com is the framing and printing lab I use and talk about in this episode.
  • www.timeexposure.com is the website where you can subscribe to (or buy) ProSelect, the software that helps portrait photographers get great sales.

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