Get a client tomorrow with my new favourite photography marketing technique

There’s a little known marketing idea that has been going around in the photography industry for a long time. I’d never tried it because the results I was hearing about didn’t get me excited.

However, my friend Andrew Hellmich from Photobiz Exposed persuaded me to try it. Why? Because the results he and his fellow subscribers were getting were phenomenal.

50-100 enquiries are not uncommon in 1 week! Plus, almost everyone was getting at least 10 enquiries. The only reason some photographers didn’t get success was because they’d not stuck to the plan.

The reason photographers (even new photographers) are getting such fantastic results is because a marketing consultant (Bernie Griffiths) has perfected the idea into a bullet proof system that uses Facebook advertising.

The results people were getting convinced me – I had to try their system for myself.

It took me about 1 hour to set everything up and within minutes of launching the advert I was getting enquiries.

Over the next week I got 43 enquiries for just £34.88.

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12,004 people saw the advert.

There were 60 comments and 16 shares.

The fantastic thing is you can do it over and over again.

It works for weddings, family portraits, baby photography – even pet photography or commercial work.

Best of all it helps you target your ideal clients.

I urge you to read all about it today because on the 16th May the price for this system goes up from its current price of just $47 to more than double that.

If you have any questions about the product then I’ll be happy to answer them as I’ve paid for it myself.