Headline ideas for photography promotions

In this digital world we live in most people have the attention span of a fruit fly. Myself included. So, we need to come up with marketing ideas, promotions and headlines that demand attention.

Headlines that are so captivating they make people actually call you on their Smartphone. Yep – Smartphones can make calls too! 😉

But how do you consistently come up with headline ideas for photography promotions? Well, it’s as easy as rounding up wedding guests for the group photographs because it takes expert knowledge. Marketing is based on psychology. It’s a science and most people don’t understand it. But today I’ll show you how and give you a bunch of headlines to use.

When you boil it down, marketing is all about words.

Websites, adverts, brochures, fliers, billboards, TV ads, vouchers, emails, blog posts…

…they’re all largely made up of words.

Words are the currency of persuasion.

If you just have a nice photograph and no words to motivate people to take action then…   …well, they won’t take any action.

The mistake many photographers make when they write headlines or create a promotion is they make the whole thing about price.

The trouble with price promotions is there’s always someone with a cheaper price. Especially in the photography industry where many people offer free photography to build their portfolio, or just want some extra pocket money.

Even if your price promotion did get you clients, what’s the point if you’re not earning enough to make a living?

Promotions don’t have to be about price though.

I’d urge you to keep prices to a minimum in your marketing.

There are many other types of promotion and headline:

  • Your blog post or advert etc. can offer some helpful advice that educates the prospect into understanding why they should choose you.
  • You can focus on what makes your service special. Offering a guarantee, for example
  • You can be quirky (Trash the dress wedding photography sessions)
  • Your offer can be seasonal (family portraits in bluebell woods, for example)
  • You can inject your personality (people hire photographers they like and trust)
  • You can use emotion to help people realise the value of photography

All these approaches (and more) are used in the headline ideas below.

The only real purpose of a headline is to get people to take notice and then be interested enough to read the next line of text in the promotion. We want people to read enough of the promotion (whether it’s an advert, blog post, email, Facebook post etc.) to feel compelled to ‘take action’.

‘Taking action’ would normally mean that the person contacts you, but it could mean you want them to download a free piece of information in exchange for their email address.


Wedding photography headlines

Helpful headlines

These are headlines that are part of a promotion where your goal is to educate your prospects and subtly help them realise why they should choose you. For example:

The 9 things to ask a wedding photographer before you hire them

9 things most wedding photographers don’t want you to know

Download my free book ‘How to choose your ideal wedding suppliers’. I’ve interviewed 6 of the area’s top wedding pros to get their top tips and mistakes to avoid when choosing wedding suppliers (Note: read more about this idea here).

The big mistakes most couples make when choosing their wedding photographer


Benefit led headlines

These are headlines that instantly explain what makes you different from the competition. For example:

Love your wedding photographs or your money back. Seriously – I even put it in writing!

The only wedding photographer in town who includes 250 photographs in your album

All my wedding photography clients receive wedding supplier vouchers worth £xhundred (note: make friends with fellow wedding suppliers and give swap offers with them. Pretty soon you’ll end up with a bunch of different promotions to give your wedding clients when they book you. It’s a great way to add value to your offering)

5 ways I’m different from all the other photographers in the area

  1. I guarantee you’ll love your photographs and the service you receive or I’ll give you all your money back
  2. My A3, 70 page albums comfortably fit 250 photographs, so you don’t need to leave out any treasured memories (or tell Auntie Betty why she didn’t make the cut!)
  3. I have a projector and projector screen where I can play a slideshow of your growing up photographs set to music. Your guests will love it and your parents will be brought to tears by all those happy memories
  4. I make the group photographs fun! For example, I offer a bottle of bubbly for the person who performs the best


Special offer headlines

As the name suggests special offers are where you’re offering a thing/price that you don’t normally offer. Personally I don’t tend to offer price promotions for weddings – I prefer to add an extra level of service. I also use offers to help people ‘try me out’ risk free. A free engagement session is a way for people to try you out before they commit to a wedding with you. You don’t have to include all the photographs from the free session (perhaps just one print), so you can always up-sell and make money on the engagement session, as well as booking the wedding.

Free engagement photography session for the first 5 couples to call

Free trash the dress photography session for the first 5 couples to call

Your life in photographs, projected at your wedding – completely free. (Note: This is where I create an Animoto slideshow presentation of all the client’s growing up photographs and use a projector to play them at their wedding


Baby photography headlines

Now you understand the different styles of headline you can reuse them for different areas of your photography. However, with baby and family photography I tend to make my headlines even more emotional. You’ll also notice examples of where I explain that I only have a few slots left. This create urgency because people hate the thought of missing out on something. I often have people call me desperately hoping I still have availability. People want what they may not be able to have. However, I’m always honest. I use true numbers.

A collection of heart-melting photographs of your baby. I promise you’ll adore them or your money back.

Heart-melting photographs of your baby that will have you in tears

You’ll love your baby photographs or you won’t pay a penny

Capture the story of your baby’s first year with 4 photography sessions

In a month your baby will look completely different – I have 5 baby photography slots left this month, so call me on xxxxxxxxxxx before it’s too late.

Sssshhhh – baby whisperer in action

The only baby photographer in the area who offer 4 sessions for £x

£100 of baby photography absolutely free (Note: with our system we almost always up-sell to a decent order value. Plus, I normally only use this kind of concept with business alliances where I know their clients are a good fit for my business)

The big mistakes most people make when choosing their baby photographer

We’re going to make you husband of the year this Valentine’s Day….  ..Buy your wife a baby photography voucher for Valentines and we’ll double the value

Your baby is growing by the minute – capture their chubby gorgeousness forever with beautiful professional photography

£50 of restaurant vouchers FREE with every baby photography session


Family photography headlines

Again, you can use similar headlines with your family photography promotions….

Capture stunning, natural images of your family where everyone looks relaxed, happy and loving. Yes, loving! Here’s how I’ll do it…

Capture stunning, natural images of your family at its best – and hold onto them forever

The big mistakes most couples make when choosing their family photographer

What every mother wants this Mother’s Day – more time with her children.

Children  grown up fast, so a collection of gorgeous photographs that captures her family at the happiest is the most treasured gift a mother could receive.

In a year your child will look completely different – capture this magical moment in your lives forever.

The only family photographer in town who doesn’t put a time limit on your sessions

Timeless family portraits among the bluebells. Quick – Bluebells only last a month and I only have x slots left

Timeless family portraits among the Autumn leaves. Quick – they don’t last long and I only have x slots left

£100 of family photography absolutely free. (Note: with our system we almost always up-sell to a decent order value. Plus, I normally only use this kind of concept with business alliances where I know their clients are a good fit for my business)

Mummy, why don’t we have any family photographs in our house?

Does your child have one of these… (Note: show a photograph of a gorgeous framed family portrait at a decent size)

We’re going to make you husband of the year this Valentine’s Day….  ..Buy your wife a family photography voucher for Valentines and we’ll double the value

Family portraits – the ideal Christmas gift for those hard to buy for relatives

50% off prints from last year’s portrait session (obviously you would only be able to send this to clients you’ve already photographed).

Use part of one of your testimonials in your title. For example:

What can we say? Dan is one of life’s few very special people! His talent and passion for photography is reflected in the unique service he provides.”

£50 of restaurant vouchers FREE with every family photography session

When are you happiest? When your family is all together and having fun, right? My unique style of family portrait photography will capture that perfect moment forever

Family portraits – a permanent reminder of your family’s love


So, there are some great examples of headlines for photography promotions.

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Of course a successful promotion is much more than just a headline though.

Your promotion (and business as a whole) needs to funnel prospects and clients through a step-by-step system that:

  • Attracts the right kind of people
  • Uses techniques that are proven to help you book more of those enquiries
  • That turns those clients into decent sized orders, while in turn offering a higher level of personal service so they are happy to invest more with you than your competition

Our 4FFPFF system shows you exactly how to do this.