How do successful photographers become successful?

Everybody starts out as a newbie. Everybody.

In the beginning we all get frustrated wondering how to get on the first page of Google.

We jealously seethe as we see other more successful photographers get recommended by wedding venues.

We read about family portrait photographers earning £1000+ for a single session and our mind boggles.

For a while there I was lost.

How do successful photographers become successful?

For three years, I meandered around the Internet, reading articles, listening to interviews, and buying courses.

First, I was obsessed with SEO. I learned all about keywords, metadata and Google analytics.

After that I read up on the psychology of pricing and sales. I spent thousands of pounds and thousands of hours on courses, books and webinars.

And on and on…

I jumped from one tactic to another, getting excited, reading everything I could about it, but then I would come across another tactic and chase after that.

I never actually had much time left to take action. It wasn’t because I was lazy. I was trying to understand.

Online, nobody likes to give you the complete picture. You end up running from one guru to another, getting one puzzle piece here, another puzzle piece there…

You tell yourself that you’re piecing it all together. Soon, you’ll have all the pieces, you’ll understand how it works, and you can get started.

But here’s what nobody tells you:

There isn’t just one puzzle. You can spend years gathering all the pieces, but they will never fit together, because they aren’t from the same box!

So what’s the secret to becoming a successful photographer?

Choose one main mentor. Someone you like and trust. Someone who shares a complete system and is prepared to help you put it all together.

All the successful photographers I know had mentors. They didn’t wing it.

As a photographer you’re the marketing department, the sales department, the web team, the pricing strategist, the admin team and the IT and database geek too.

I’ve got news for you. You can get a Masters Degree in all of those different subjects and still have a lot to learn.

Most business owners think running a business is common sense. It’s not. It’s uncommon sense. That’s why most businesses go out of business.

If it was easy everyone would be successful.

I want to save you the pain, suffering and financial cost of sitting through all the business courses I’ve taken. I want to save you the heartache of cocking up as many times as I have (although failure is a fantastic way to learn).

That’s what Get Pro Photo Club is all about. We’ve distilled all the best information and left out all the garbage that doesn’t work. Not only that, we put it into an overarching system. A step-by-step plan for your entire portrait and wedding photography business. AND we help you put it all together by asking your questions and offering advice every step of the way.

Think of it like this. Imagine you were going to open a restaurant. What would you give to have Heston Blumenthal give you all his secrets and be available to answer your questions? All for the price of a bottle of booze a month. You’d kiss him on his cherry lips, right!?

It’s obvious when you think about it. We even knew the secret at school. The easiest way to do your homework was to copy the smart kid who’d done all the reading.

So here you go – have my homework. Copy my templates. Copy my sales scripts. Copy my marketing, pricing and systems. Cheat. I won’t tell the teacher and you won’t end up in detention. So, sign up for one month’s free membership and you’ll go straight to the top of the class.