How I booked a client who was complaining about my prices

I’m a soft-hearted, fluffy bunny type of guy. Seriously, I cried so much when I watched the movie ‘Marley and Me’ I was critically dehydrated! I want a world full of pixies and leprechauns and for everyone to be happy. So I hate people complaining about my prices more than most.

But, I know I’ll never have a business if I don’t charge enough to earn a decent living. So, I’ve learned to book people who complain about price.

Today was one of those days when I had to work my magic. I’d gone to meet a prospect in Pret A Manger while he was on his lunch break as he wanted to put his baby through my ‘Little Angels Baby Plan’.

When I told him he got one photograph from each session for £150 and showed him the prices of additional photographs he said…

“What? I only get one from each session? For £150. I don’t get a CD of them all? I get one photograph? That’s expensive!!”

I smiled and with a lovely tone of voice I said…

“Absolutely, 4 complete photography sessions with no time limits – totalling around 20 hours of work. This portrait box will include one photograph from each session that tells the story of your child’s first year of life. Isn’t it great? You can put the photographs on your wall so when you get home from a tough day at work you can look up at that happy smiling face and it will cheer you right up. And it’s something you’ll have for a lifetime”

He paused and I’d clearly defused him. I’d used a little bit of logic (20 hours of work), quickly followed by some heart-warming emotion.

We talked some more, but I kept using a blend of logic that was QUICKLY followed by emotion:

Examples of logic:

  • I politely reminded him I’d driven into town to meet him to chat about and plan the photography. What other baby photographer would do that?
  • I’m using the finest print lab and frames in the country
  • It’s a bespoke service, rather than one of those baby studios that operate like a production line where they’re queuing out the door and you have to pay for the photographs whether you like them or not.
  • I’m the only photographer in the area who offers a baby plan.
  • Etc. etc.

Examples of emotion:

  • How important are these photographs to you?
  • Does your baby do anything that really just melts your heart – like a little expression or something?
  • This is what life is all about and what you’re working so hard for – building a home for your family.
  • etc. etc.

I even used some ‘take away’ selling, which in this example is where I showed I was prepared to walk away. I kindly said that

“I appreciated that it’s not a cheap investment and that it’s not for everyone. After all I bet you’ve got your own camera if you just want to take a few snapshots.

This made him even more keen than ever to hire me because I was very subtly rejecting him (whilst agreeing with him, to avoid conflict). When you reject someone like this their instinct is to suddenly want the thing they ‘can’t’ have.

He ended up booking me straight away and he’d even emailed me all his contact details by the time I’d gotten home and thanked me for my time.

He would never have booked me if my prices were on my website. Also, he’d never have booked me if I hadn’t used the right sales techniques to help educate him on the value of my service and what made it distinct from my competition.

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