How I got 43 baby photography enquiries in one week with Facebook

Facebook taunts photographers like a spiteful child dangling a steak above a puppy’s nose.

If you feel like that frustrated puppy, then I’d like to turn you into a smiling alligator!

Most photographers do one of two things with Facebook.

  1. They post a pretty photograph and ask people to visit their website. That’s too vague, it’s not targeted and there’s not a strong enough reason for someone to take action.
  2. They create a post which sounds a little desperate. Something like: “50% off all baby photography, plus you’ll get a CD of all the images and I’ll wash your car and mow your lawn for a year!!” As a consumer you assume there’s something wrong with their business if they’re so desperate for clients. You subliminally think “why aren’t they busy?”

OK, so the “hire me, don’t hire me, I don’t care” approach doesn’t work and the “For the love of god please hire me, I can’t afford to buy food!!” approach doesn’t work either; so what do you do?

The Facebook advert I’ve found most effective for photographers is called ‘The Model Call’ technique.

It’s where you call out the exact client you’re looking for and offer a free session and a free print to a very limited number of people. I also give a good reason why I’m offering the special promotion, so it doesn’t look desperate. For example, “I’m looking to try out some new equipment / props / techniques”.

Why does this approach work so well?

Well, there are a bunch of reasons actually.

First of all, you’re calling out to a very specific group of people. This does 2 things. First, the people who the advert is relevant to get excited that it applies to them and that there’s a special opportunity for them to get some photographs. Secondly, it means that the people it doesn’t apply to won’t click on it, so you won’t have to pay for clicks from people who aren’t really interested.

Putting a limit on the number of people you’re offering the promotion to means people are far more likely to respond because it creates a sense of urgency.

It also feels like a special and unique opportunity for a specific group of people, rather than a desperate discount offer.

There’s no risk on the part of the client, so most people are happy to sign up. But of course when you handle those enquiries in the right way they generally end up being great clients who are happy to invest in extra prints and framed portraits and albums etc.

You can use this idea for lots of different types of photography, not just baby photography. It can be used for weddings, family portraits, senior photography, pet photography and so on.

I use Facebook’s advert targeting feature to ensure my advert has the best chance of reaching my ideal client.

Ultimately, this idea brought me in 43 enquiries and cost just £34.88. Better yet, it took me less than an hour to set up. That’s less time than it takes to write one blog post!

On Wednesday 22nd March I’m doing a live webinar on exactly how to make the most of this idea. We’ll also be recording the webinar so our members can watch it at their leisure.

We reveal:

  • The psychology behind why it works
  • The most effective way of collecting the enquiries
  • What to do once you’ve got the enquiries
  • The mistakes to avoid
  • How to maximise sales from the promotion
  • How to efficiently handle that many enquiries
  • How to segment the good enquiries from the bad ones
  • How to repeat the same idea again and again for different areas of your business
  • And much more…

If you’d like to discover how you can bring in a constant stream of enquiries (even if you’re just starting out) then get yourself signed up to Get Pro Photo Club. The first month is completely free anyway and you’re welcome to cancel before the second month, too. So what do you have to lose? Just like the advert idea, it’s our way of showing how effective our ideas are without you having to risk a thing.

We look forward to chatting with you on the other side.