How much money does a photographer make?

I remember when I started my photography career I tried to figure out how much money a photographer makes. I got really excited.

I figured it must be the world’s easiest profession. Ink and paper costs nothing and digital files cost even less. Yet we charge hundreds or even thousands of pounds and we have an endless supply of weddings and babies. And all for just pressing a shutter button. Hurraaaaaahhhh!!

Then reality hit me. Hurumph!

Weddings take 30 hours, or more, not 8.

Family portraits take 8 hours, not 2.

Marketing takes time and money.

Not everyone I met wanted to book me (shocking, I know!), so that’s wasted time.

Rain, sickness, famine and pestilence all cause sessions to be cancelled and postponed. That’s more lost time.

Clients didn’t all fit neatly into my schedule one after another. Try booking a family portrait session at 9am on a Monday in winter…

It all gave me a wobbly bottom lip, I can tell you.

But hey, I’m British, so I have a stiff upper lip to compensate for the wobbly bottom one, so I put my brain to work.

That’s why I’ve created three complete annual schedules for you to download in one handy Excel file. The document lays out the ENTIRE YEAR for three photographers at three different price points. I show what each photographer does every day of the year (including time off), how much money they make each day, the costs they incur and ultimately the profit they make.

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You can put your own numbers in quickly and easily by pressing ‘Control F’ and replacing the existing set of numbers with your own. It will instantly show you how much you’ll make at your existing prices.