How photographers can attract great clients

Why is it some photographers attract price shoppers and others don’t (as much)?

Why is it some photographers only seem to attract clients who want a CD of all the images?

Why is it some photographers attract a lot of grumpy clients, while others seem to be best buddies with all their clients?

There’s a key word in all those examples.


The law of attraction states that ‘what we put out is what we receive’.

Let’s look at those 5 examples again.

The photographers who attract price shoppers are using the following words and techniques in their marketing:

  • Photography for every budget.
  • Special offers.
  • Discounts.
  • x% off.
  • Value for money.

Those messages will appeal to people who are price sensitive, so those are the people you’ll attract.

Photographers who can’t seem to avoid ‘shoot and burn’ clients are usually offering a shoot and burn package and showing it on their website and in their price lists. They’re teaching their clients to ask for something they don’t want to supply.

It’s like The Ritz putting Doner Kebabs on their menu.

They might get you one (they’re 5 star so they kinda have to!), but they certainly don’t want to promote it.

Photographers who get grumpy clients are often grumpy themselves. Often because they’ve been beaten down for so long by their clients that they’ve started to resent them and started to push back.

So, they make up lots of angry rules and combative contracts. It’s like they’re at war with their own clients.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have procedures and rules.

You should.

I always do in-person sales for example.

But you need to explain your procedures in a positive way so the client understands how THEY benefit from your rule.

Personally, all my marketing and most of my photography is designed to attract clients who have a sense of fun and zest for life.

Enjoying my work and having fun with clients is a key priority. I’d rather make a bit less money and attract lovely clients rather than charge more and attract clients who I’m not a good fit for.

No other photographers in my area are promoting themselves with a sense of humour, so I’m attracting the people who want a fun photographer.

And they’re happy to pay above average prices to get the type of photographer they want.

Everyone’s happy.

So, what’s your happy place?


Low price, high volume?

Do you move in equestrian circles?

Fine art?

Rolling around in mud with dogs?

Are you bonkers about babies?

Or are you just bonkers?

Tell me about yourself below and the kind of clients you want to attract. I think this will also help Mari on our Podcast as that’s the kind of conversation she needs to have.

If you’ve not heard our Podcast yet then check it out as I’m coaching a part-time photographer (Mari) so she can go full-time by helping her sort out her marketing, pricing and sales.