How photographers can get responses to email enquiries

One of the things that drives us all crazy is clients emailing us with an enquiry and the then never getting back to us.

Normally they email or Facebook message with something like this…

“Hi, love your photographs, how much do you charge?”

Weirdly this is a common question even if you have prices on our website.

I have a whole bunch of great tricks for getting people to respond to my emails our members can check out our recording called ‘How to respond to email enquiries’.

But here’s one thing that works really well…

Ask a quick, simple question.

Here’s a Facebook message conversation I had with an enquiry last week (it’s not a perfect example, but it’s real and it’s effective):


How much do your services cost?

And how long to do a family shoot and what’s included in the price x


Hi x, Family sessions are £175 for midweek sessions and £200 for the weekends. All of that money goes towards your final artwork. Prints go down to £15, so as an example you could get around 10 smaller prints for a midweek session. What sort of session are you looking for? Outdoor sessions are my speciality – usually somewhere that’s meaningful to the client so it adds an extra character to the photographs. Where are you based?

There’s no time limit on the session. We stop once we know we have beautiful photographs, so it doesn’t matter if the children are playing up at the beginning, I’ll take the time to build rapport with them and wait out any tantrums!

It would be great to have a chat on the phone to go through things in more detail. When would be convenient for you? Warm regards. Dan Waters


Hi thank you for getting back to me, it would be a outdoor  midweek session. At the moment just getting some idea on costs


Sure thing. It can be tricky choosing a family photographer because there are so many variables you’re probably not aware of. I explain many of them on this page, so I hope it helps:


Thank you so much for your help, another quick question. So it’s £175 plus any prints I want or are the 10 prints included in the £175


They’re included but that was an example. I don’t have packages because different people want different things. What are you looking for? Something for the wall?


A few prints for the wall, but will have a look at your website as well


That’s great – I always feel people get the most enjoyment from photographs on the walls of their home where they and their children see them every day. Do you have a location in mind or do you want suggestions?


Suggestions would be great as I’ve only lived in Peterborough for a year


Hi x, The attached photographs are 3 of the places I’m going to a lot at this time of year. One is a meadow with wild flowers, one is a wood which has Autumn leaves on the ground all year round and the other location is a field that has a path meandering off into the distance. The wood and the field are right next to each other but the meadow also has the lake next to it. What catches your eye?


I would probably say the meadow with the flowers or the wood with the leaves

I think we would like to do a photo shoot, but probably mid to end of October, as it will be my youngest first birthday around then. Also I think it would be nice if he was walking. I don’t know how far in advance we need to book, I can imagine you’re quite busy?


Hi x, that’s great, the wedding craziness will have died down by then! Did you want me to pop over and chat things through with you over the next few weeks? There’s no obligation to go ahead but it gives us a chance to bounce around some ideas. Are you near Peterborough? Do you have any midweek availability (including evenings)? Many thanks. Dan


Boom – we book a date and we’re onto the consultation where I book over 90% of families.

Did you notice all the things that were going on?

In all except one message (the one with my link to a helpful page on my website) I left them with a quick and easy question to answer. When faced with a quick, easy question people feel compelled to answer it.

When they answer it gives me a little more information about what they want and how I can help and an extra chance to build rapport.

She was gradually getting more and more committed to me without even realising it.

She was thanking me for being helpful.

I was giving her some relatively tantalisingly low pricing information (although it’s still average for my area) because I know that when she goes through my system she’ll be happy to invest more.

Simple huh?

So from now on when you’re writing to an enquiry always finish the email with a question.

What’s your current approach and how’s it working for you?