How photographers can overcome fear procrastination and self doubt

Last week I had the lovely Andrew Hellmich (pictured with me) from Photobizx stay at our house while he was travelling through the UK (He lives near Sydney).

I asked him the following question…

“How do you get so much done? What’s your secret?”

Andrew runs two popular photography podcasts and a thriving photography business so I was expecting a clever answer.

I didn’t get one.

But I was still really happy with his answer…

“I just get on with it, one thing at a time!”

He also gets up at 6am (although he refused to bring my wife and I coffee in bed when we rolled out at 8am!)

I know some of you are implementing ideas at a fantastic rate and achieving great things.

Some of you I never hear from and when I secretly look at your websites and Facebook pages I know you’ve not been taking action.

Some tasks only take two minutes (like asking a client for a testimonial) and some take two weeks (like re-writing the copy for your website), but if you just keep slogging away (on the right things) then good things happen.

It really is that simple.

Except maybe it isn’t.

Maybe it’s only simple for some people and harder for others.

Which is why I’m delighted to be interviewing the best person on the planet to help us with procrastination, fear and self doubt…

A trained psychologist who’s also a photographer!

Jenika McDavitt of Psychology for Photographers has agreed to come on our podcast to discuss how photographers can overcome procrastination, fear and self doubt.

I think those 3 things are the biggest threat to any photographer’s career.

If you take months to do anything then your competition will overtake you.

Even worse, if you struggle with fear and self doubt then maybe you’ll never even get started.

And I think we can all relate to pricing fears.

I personally overcame fear by taking action. I just did what I was told to do by my mentor (regardless of how I felt) and tried not to think about the consequences!

So maybe you’re thinking too much!

I just switched my brain off and did what I was told.

Not everything went well, but my confidence grew with each victory.

Aside from my ability to switch off my brain I had one other thing going for me…

…An overwhelming desire to become a full time photographer.

It wasn’t just something I “Quite fancied doing”, I was prepared to do whatever it took.

I changed job so I would have more time for photography.

I gave up a hobby I’d been doing for over 20 years.

I saw my friends less.

I consumed all the photography business advice I could get my hands on.

I thought about it every day.

I was obsessed.

And Andrew Hellmich gets up at 6am despite the fact he’s already successful.

Having an ‘Overwhelming Desire’ to achieve something is what Napolean Hill considers the first step towards success.

And he should know, he interviewed 500 millionaires to create his ground breaking book ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

It’s an amazing book and readily available free of charge as a PDF download all over the internet.

Although I find listening to audio books easier to digest.

Andrew Hellmich has read it too, by the way.

I’ve been banging on about how photographer’s minds work for a few weeks now, but I’m not going to apologise for it.

If you can master your mind then everything becomes easier.

So, how do you master your mind?

Personally I think it’s about consistently putting the right things into your mind.

That can mean lots of things…

Meeting up with a photographer friend every couple of weeks to help and encourage each other.

Listening to our podcast and videos on the membership site to give you the knowledge and inspiration you need.

Going to business clubs and networking groups to meet other entrepreneurs and listen to inspiring  and knowledgeable speakers.

You won’t master your mind by ranting and raving about negative things on Facebook (I’ve seen some of you do that – a lot!). Plus, ranting scares off potential clients!

But that’s enough ‘ra-ra-ranting’ from me, let’s wait and see what Jenika from Psychology for Photographers has to say once I’ve pinned her down on a date.

Finally, do you have any questions for Jenika? What are you struggling with? Let me know.

Have a happy and positive week with no angry Facebook posts!