How to book photography clients with different personalities

Have you ever said this to yourself…


It’s usually followed by the loud “harrumph” that teenagers make when they’re told they can’t go to Glastonbury…?)

It’s easy to slip into this negative mindset – we’ve all been there. And it’s not your fault and here’s why….

The mere mention of the word ‘selling’ makes most people shudder in a way that can only be replicated if I were to slowly drag a slug up your spinal cord!

On the one hand it’s part of our culture to feel uncomfortable talking about prices.

On the other hand we think price is all anyone cares about so we slap them all over our website and ramble on about packages when we meet our clients in person.

If you constantly focus on the subject of price then so will your clients.

You and I know there’s a lot more to choosing a photographer than just price. So, to be a successful photographer you need to get people to like you and trust you.

Ask them about their family.

Ask them about the style of photographs they’re looking for.

Ask them about where they might like the photographs created.

Ask them what the most important thing about their photographs is.

Once you get away from price you’ll quickly build a rapport with people.

The thing is, different people will respond to different approaches.

For example, here are 3 different personality types that you’ll commonly get floating through your photography business:
The Indifferent

This person doesn’t seem that bothered about the photography. When you speak with them on the phone their tone of voice lacks enthusiasm. They’ll use phrases like “we’re only looking for a few ‘pics’ and wondered how much you charge”.

When anyone brings up the issue of price on the phone or email your response is always ‘Sure, I’ll be happy to chat about that, but can I ask you a few questions first so I can get a good idea of what you’re looking for?”

It’s a reasonable response and it gets you in control of the conversation.

With an ‘Indifferent’ prospect you’re going to use emotion to try and help them understand the importance of the images you’re going to create for them. I’ll even ask the question ‘If you don’t mind me asking, how important would you say these photographs are to you?’. Be absolutely sure you say it with a wonderfully friendly tone of voice. The merest hint of being confrontational will ruin everything. The more you can get them opening up about their family and the reasons behind wanting someone photographs created the more likely you’ll book them and convert them into a decent client.
The Skeptic

These people are naturally suspicious of everyone. You’re going to have to earn their trust. They’ll probably ask questions like “What if I don’t like the photographs?” or “Why are you more than abc photography up the street?”

Your money back guarantee is your trump card with these people. State it with passion and sincerity. Something like this…

“I’m glad you brought that up. If you don’t dearly love the photographs I create for you then I’ll give you all your money back. If you’re not thrilled then I don’t feel I deserve to be paid and I’ll do whatever it takes to put things right.”

Refer them to your testimonials on your website and the lovely feedback you’ve got on Facebook. Again, ask them what they’re looking for. Show that you care about what they want. You’ll quickly earn their trust with this approach.
The Procrastinator

The world is full of people who put things off. They’ll say things like:

“Sorry I didn’t get back to you, I’ve just been so busy”

Or the classic…

“Can I think about it and call you back?”

I use several approaches with these lovely people. I use special offers with a deadline. They know they have to take action or they’ll miss out. The fear of missing out is a huge psychological pull. It doesn’t always have to be a special offer thought. Today I followed up with a bride to say I’d spoken with 8 couples since I’d spoken with her. Although their date was still available, I was worried they might miss out because their wedding date is a popular one. She called me straight back to say she’d pay the deposit in the morning.

Never forget, speaking with someone in person is at least 50% more effective than the phone, but the phone is at least 50% more effective than email.

The more direct the contact is the harder it is for them to dismiss you.

Of course all the tactics I’ve mentioned are fantastic for all personality types, My approach is all about building a relationship, showing that I care about what they want and removing all the risk and pressure for them.

It’s about helping people.

If you feel uncomfortable with sales then you’re doing it wrong.

At Get Pro Photo Club we give our members a sales and marketing system that’s proven to work because it’s built on human psychology. It’s a system that’s open and honest and that you’ll feel proud to operate in your photography business.

Check it out for one month totally free. And if you don’t like it for any reason then ping us an email and you won’t pay a penny. You can’t lose. We’re here to help. That’s our philosophy in everything we do.