How to do wedding album proofs

This could be the quickest blog post ever…

…Don’t bother doing wedding album proofs!

The end.

That seems a little crazy on the face of it, right?!

In fact, I have never ever sent a proof of a whole wedding album to a client.



I have never ever been asked for one either.


Here’s my simple process:

  • My albums are A3 size and have 70 pages so can comfortably fit 250 photographs. This number of photographs easily tells the story of the whole wedding day. This means there’s no endless waiting, or back and forth getting the clients to choose their photographs for the album.
  • All I need from the couple is to pick their 15 favs for me to prioritise (I often make them a full page or half page) for the album. They normally do this within 20 minutes while I’m sat with them showing them their photographs for the first time.
  • I ask them to choose their front and back cover photographs
  • Finally any text for the front cover. I’m very specific about how they want it written and I show them the font I use.


Once they’ve confirmed those things I say “Right, I’ll get it designed and ordered and I’ll let you know as soon as it arrives”.

No-one ever asks to see the design first.

This system is so quick and slick and I’m not wasting ages chasing up clients and getting endless changes to the album design. Those delays often reflect badly on the photographer even if it’s the client who’s delaying things. We’ve all heard couples say “My friend got married 6 months ago and they’re still waiting for their album”. I bet it’s not always the photographers fault, but they’ll still get the blame.

My clients always love the album design, but if one day someone hates it I’ll redo it free of charge and take the hit.


Because I’d rather get hit for the price of my album once in 10 years but have an efficient service and business in the meantime.

It’s a bit like my money-back guarantee. We’re often scared to do things because of what might happen – but the benefits often massively outweigh the risks.

So, what are your wedding album design tips? I’d love to hear them below.