How to get photography clients away from thinking about price

Does this sound familiar? The phone rings and they person at the other end says…

“Hi, I’m getting married next year, can you tell me how much you charge?”

You say “Sure, I have packages from £x depending on what you’re looking for”.

They say, “OK, thanks, I’m just shopping around at the moment so I’ll give you a call once I’ve got a shortlist together, bye…”




Will they ever call you again? To be honest I doubt they’d call again if they were trapped down a well and you were the only person left on earth!

So what did you do wrong?

You gave price out of context.

That person knows nothing about how to choose a photographer, so they ask the only question they know – “How much?” Price is meaningless unless they understand all the other elements. So, how do you get a chance to start building rapport with them and subtly educate them on the benefits of choosing you over the 86 million other photographers who live in your street?

The video below gives you the one sentence you need to know to make this frustrating problem go away forever.