How to get wedding venues and suppliers to recommend you

In the last email I said you need to help wedding couples like and trust you through clever marketing if you want them to hire you. The same is true with wedding suppliers.

I’ve had two wedding planners start recommending me when I’ve never even photographed any of their weddings! It was all because I approached them with several ways I can help.

Wedding venues, bridal stores and florists are all inundated with photographers asking for favours. It doesn’t normally go well.

Think of it like dating. You don’t ask someone to marry you on the first date. Actually, I did it on the second date and it worked, but my situation was desperate… …my wife is Malaysian and I lived 6000 miles away when we first met. So by the second time I’d done the 13 hour flight over there I figured I’d better propose or give up. But I digress…

You want to woo the wedding vendor. As I mentioned, you do this by telling them how you can help THEM. The most obvious way is to offer them your photography services. If you’ve photographed one of their weddings then give them the photographs (with the couple’s permission). If you haven’t, then you can offer to create some photographs for them. For a bridal store you can team up with an aspiring model to show off the store’s new range of dresses. Everyone wins.

  1. The bridal store gets free photographs
  2. The model gets free photographs
  3. You get to build a relationship with the bridal store (which could lead to a lot of future referrals). If you’re just starting out this is also a great way to start building your portfolio

This is just one of many ideas I’ll be sharing with our members on our next webinar ‘Genius Wedding Photography Marketing Ideas’. If you’re not a member yet then you can still watch it free of charge. All you have to do is sign up to be a member and you’ll get one month free. If you want to cancel at any time in that month you won’t pay a penny!

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