How to make your wedding photography packages attractive

I’m at that stage again where it’s time to put my wedding prices up because I’m getting booked up at my current prices.

When I was doing an engagement session last week they said that my packages were “good value for what they were getting”.

This is despite the fact that my packages are well above the national average and I’m in the low income city of Peterborough.

So how can you make a wedding photography package look attractive while still charge more?

One way is to add things to the packages that don’t cost much money or time, but they have a high value.

For example, a 30×20 print from my professional lab (One Vision Imaging) is £18 and if it’s mounted then it’s £36. That has a high perceived value, the cost is low, you had to take the photograph anyway and it only takes a minute to order it.

I also add Animoto’s musical, animated slideshows (I love the Rustic Theme) because they only take a few minutes to create, and have a high perceived value. You have to pay an annual subscription of £263 but I’ve sold 10 slideshows out of the last 11 weddings. Many clients buy two slideshows because I create one of their growing up photographs (bad teenage haircuts, embarrassing toddler photographers etc.) and then use my projector to play the slideshow as a fun surprise for their wedding guests.

Of course you shouldn’t forget the other more intangible and ephemeral ways you can add value…

Having a money back guarantee.

Your personality.

Your branding.

Being helpful.

If your wedding packages are based on things like the quantity of digital files or the number of hours you’ll be at the wedding then it commoditizes you and makes it easier to compare you on price.

But when you add value and create unique and emotional products and services then people will happily invest more without you needing to sacrifice a comparative amount of time.

It all boils down to exchanging time for money. The more efficient you can be with your time while still offering a great service, the better you’ll do.

So how do you create your wedding packages?

How are your clients reacting to them?

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