Episode 005 – How to price your photography

The theme of this podcast episode is ‘How to price your photography’.

Pricing is one of the things photographers struggle most with. Most of us have our hang-ups about price and end up charging what we would personally pay, which is often way below what our ideal clients would pay.

Funnily enough Mari (who I’m coaching on the podcast) is very comfortable with her prices despite regularly selling packages of nearly £1000. Since Mari is confident in pricing her photography appropriately I’ve not dwelled on how to overcome your fears about pricing. However, this FREE E-book will help you if this is an area you struggle with.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this episode.

  • We kick off with a little bit of marketing, including:

o How to use Facebook and Linked In to find business alliances that can help you get more clients

o How to get other businesses to hand out your promotional vouchers to their clients!

  • Why it’s ok to have a package that no-one will buy
  • How I talked about my wedding packages so that I sell albums and engagement sessions and wall portraits and slideshows almost every time
  • Why none of my wedding or portrait clients only want digital files
  • Why you shouldn’t email people full price lists when they first get in touch
  • Why you should get every enquiry onto the phone if humanely possible
  • Where to set your prices when you’re just starting out
  • How to increase your photography prices until they’re higher than you ever thought possible
  • Why it doesn’t matter if you go for packages, or A la carte or any other pricing strategy….   …and what matters instead
  • How Mari does her prices and how I do mine – and why both approaches are absolutely fine
  • Why the area you live in can impact on your pricing strategy (although not necessarily your average order value)
  • Why I prefer to sell wall art rather than albums to family portrait clients
  • Why you need a pricing spreadsheet and what needs to go in it
  • How I increased my average order from £550 to £650 recently
  • How to integrate a minimum order value into portrait pricing without sounding like a hard-nosed douche-bag
  • Why people who pay an upfront session fee generally spend more in total
  • The mistakes to avoid when creating your pricing strategy
  • The most important factor in determining your package prices

 Premium content for Get Pro Photo Club Members

Not only do Get Pro Photo Club members get to access to dozens of courses, videos and downloads to help you grow the photography business of your dreams, you also get access to the whole podcast interview.

The premium content this week is:

  • The cunning way I price digital files that has almost eradicated any issues with clients just wanting a CD of all the images for a small price
  •  Why Mari is correct in not putting prices on her website.
  • The one reason it’s ok to put prices on your website (unless it’s because you’re so crazy busy that you need to scare people away with high prices – not a common situation!)
  • How and when to reveal your prices to clients
  • What to do if you don’t have your business cards on you
  • Why you have to ‘earn the right to present your prices’
  • Why you might be getting asked about digital files more than me and Mari
  • Why it’s important to offer wall portraits and albums if you want to make a living in photography
  • What to say when someone just asks for a CD of all the photographs
  • How I use A La Carte portrait pricing to attract more clients
  • Why some people SHOULD be complaining about your prices
  • Why your mindset is critical in finding good clients and getting decent orders

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  •         I’ll share my favourite ideas for getting fun and creative group photographs that guests are excited about being involved in
  •         There’s a whole bunch more besides, if you’d like to learn more about creating amazing wedding group photographs.

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Mari’s pricing packages:

Here are Mari’s pricing details that we discuss in the podcast…

Pricing package 1

Pricing package 2

Pricing package 3

Pricing package 4


Go through all of your packages and A la Carte pricing and enter the cost price and sale price into a spreadsheet so you can be sure how much profit you’re making for each sale.

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