Episode 009 – How to write photography About pages for your website

We were meant to be talking about Time management and getting organised in this episode but Mari was running late… so we didn’t have time!


However, we still covered a whole bunch of great stuff which I outline in the bullet points below.

This episode is a little shorter than normal and everyone will be getting the whole recording. However, I don’t want Get Pro Photo Club members to miss out so you can have a 45 minute Skype or telephone chat with me to discuss your photography business and get some help on the issues that are troubling you.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this episode.

  • How I structure my day to live an enjoyable life
  • An update on my wedding photography competition
  • How I got a private dental practice to promote my photography
  • How I get people booked in for an in-person sales session after a portrait session
  • How I stay organised with my appointments
  • How to write a photography About Page if you’re not great at writing.
  • How to sound like a photographer who will be nice to work with
  • How to get enquiries thinking ‘I hope I can afford you’
  • How I answer someone on the phone who asks for my prices
  • How I get clients to book me
  • Why I travel to portrait client’s homes before they even book me
  • Why I’ve changed from a traditional session fee to a special ‘hybrid’ session fee
  • Why it’s good to get some kind of money up front
  • How I take payments from clients
  • How I take instalment payments from clients
  • Should photographers have public liability and professional indemnity insurance?
  • Whether it’s a good idea to have contracts for your wedding and portrait sides of your business.
  • Why my wedding contract helps me book more weddings
  • Why I was happy to pay back a wedding client who complained and continue with my money back guarantee
  • The best place to go to get a photography contract drawn up
  • Why you shouldn’t have a Flash based website

Premium content for Get Pro Photo Club Members

Since this was a short episode everyone is getting the full podcast. However, to make up for it I’m happy to do a free Skype chat with any members who would like some dedicated advice about their own photography business.

Links to things we mentioned in this episode:

The Law Tog – the best place to go for contracts for your photography business

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