Episode 006 – How to write the words for your photography website

In this episode we look at one of the things photographers struggle most with when it comes to marketing – how to write about your service and yourself effectively.

Most photographers fall into the trap of saying…

“Well, no-one reads anything these days anyway, so it doesn’t matter if I don’t write anything”


“If my photographs are good enough then they’ll sell themselves. If people like them they’ll get in touch.”

Sadly these are big mistakes.

The words you use on your photography website and in your marketing are critical.

After all, TV adverts aren’t silent. They have words. When you try to attract a member of the opposite sex you don’t just stand there and look sexy – you have to SAY something at some point!

I’m sure there are lots of talented photographers in your area so lovely photographs aren’t enough.

Your website copy has to do much more than that.

Your website needs to get visitors to:

  1. Feel like they know you and like you
  2. Trust you
  3. Relate to you (ie. they feel you have the same views as them)
  4. Understand why they should choose you
  5. Take the next step

There’s a lot of ways you can do this. Let me explain how…

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this episode.

  • How Mari is booking clients simply by talking with people (and how she could be booking even more)!
  • How to grow your Facebook following
  • Why you should get your website live as soon as possible, even if you’re not happy with it
  • Why relying on your photographs to sell themselves is a mistake
  • The questions your website visitors are asking themselves
  • How to get website visitors to like and trust you
  • How to get website visitors to connect with you and your brand
  • How to get website visitors to choose you
  • What I bring to every wedding to make the group photographs fun
  • Why you need a video AND the written word on your website
  • The benefits of using a video where you’re talking to the camera
  • Why your website MUST repel some of the visitors
  • Why you can’t appeal to everyone and shouldn’t try
  • Why you should have a photograph on your About Page
  • Why your website copy shouldn’t be vague or vanilla
  • Why almost everything you write on your website should be expressed in a way that shows how the client will benefit
  • Examples of how you can turn almost anything into a benefit that your website visitors will value
  • The only situations where it’s ok to have prices on your website
  • The reason it’s a mistake to have pricing details on your website
  • How you can use Facebook to get lots of enquiries despite having higher than average prices
  • Why people generally invest 2-3 times more with me than they expect, without me doing anything pushy.
  • My website pricing strategies that enable me to get enquiries without having to have low prices
  • How I gradually reveal my prices to clients without scaring them off
  • Why I always have an in-person consultation with my family portrait clients
  • Why I love ProSelect’s portrait presentation software
  • How to structure your website pages
  • Why it’s important to have a ‘behind the scenes’ video
  • Ideas for differentiating your photography business

Premium content for Get Pro Photo Club Members

  • How to effectively articulate your brand and inherent personal strengths on your website
  • Why you should have a photograph of your family at a decent size framed and on the wall of your home; and then a photograph of the room showing that portrait on your website
  • How to understand the doubts, fears and questions a website visitor will have; and how your service specific service will help
  • Should you have an FAQ page?
  • How to know if a sentence is worth keeping on your website
  • A fantastic and unique way of using a photograph of yourself that’s perfect for an About Page that’s full of personality and also informative
  • How to help people overcome their fear of calling you
  • How to get people to take action and call you right away
  • A simple way to create an engaging About Page without having to be a great writer

The Facebook Advert Client Tornado

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