Should photographers put prices on their website?

One massive mistake most photographers make is that they put prices on their website. Why is it a mistake? Surely everyone wants to know how much they’re going to pay for something, right?

The trouble with putting your prices online or mailing out price lists is that you’re forcing people to compare your prices with every other photographer in your neighbourhood.

You’re not giving them anything else to go on, so of course they’ll pick one of the cheapest.

You and I know that there’s more to choosing a photographer than their price and their photography. More on how to differentiate yourself in a bit….

Give people a reason to call you

The solution is to remove your prices from your website so people are forced to call you.

Once you have someone on the phone it’s literally 100 times easier to get someone to book you.

Let’s look at the facts. How many visitors do you need to come to your website before someone calls? 50? 100? 200?

Now consider how many callers you convert into a sale? 30% 50%? 75%? Do you see how much better you are at converting than your website is?

The sole purpose of your website is to get people to call you. If you put your prices on your website they have no reason to call you unless you offer a really cheap price – and that’s a shortcut to failure.

In person or over the phone you can create emotion and enthusiasm, ask questions and build rapport far more easily than your website ever will.

You’ll mainly lose the customers you never wanted
Sure, you’ll have a bunch of people who’ll never bother to call because you didn’t show them your prices, but they’d never use you anyway, because they were just looking for the best price, not the best service. It’s impossible to accurately compare photographers online anyway so it’s a ridiculous exercise.

It’s like buying car tyres. I have no idea about car tyres. If I saw a price list for them it would make no sense to me at all. So, I go into my local Kwik Fit and ask them how much the tyres are and what the difference is. They can then find out what I’m looking for and explain to me what the differences are. I then end up buying a tyre that meets my needs. I buy nice ‘grippy’ tyres for my Mercedes so I don’t crash it) and cheap durable tyres for my Mondeo because I don’t mind crashing it… ha ha!

It’s the same with your photography. You need to get people from your website and on to the phone, so you can explain the difference.

Now, if you don’t know how to differentiate yourself from your competition then pop your name and email address below and we’ll send you a short PDF that lists a whole bunch of ways to differentiate yourself.