Should wedding photographers not be seen or heard?

My style of wedding photography is the opposite of most wedding photographers. Most photographers these days are documentary photographers who hide in the shadows and ‘capture moments’.

Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. I do the same for large chunks of a wedding, too.


I also like to interact with the guests.

Make friends.

Have fun.

What’s the one thing most photographers and guests hate?

The group photographs, right?

Over the years I’ve dreamed up a multitude of ways to make the group photographs more entertaining and you can check them out in this ebook.

For example, I use a loudhailer to gather people together for group photographs after one of my clients bought me one.

I’ve started handing it to one of the kids to help me round people up.

It makes things a lot more entertaining for everyone and gets everyone involved in the process.

Even when there’s no child available I like the loudhailer because it means I don’t have to shout. It’s hard to shout and not sound angry!

Instead I can talk in a normal tone which makes it a lot easier to be light-hearted as I round up guests.

Of course the odd drunken usher likes to jump in and help when there’s a loudhailer to play with too.

Suddenly the hardest part of the day has become one of the most fun.

It does wonders for your testimonials too.

If you’re the photographer who entertains and bonds with the guests then you become so much more memorable.

So, while most photographers hide in the shadows try stepping into the limelight and putting a smile on everyone’s face, including yours.

Just don’t go too far.

It’s not all about you.

Create the atmosphere and then humbly retreat.

So, what do you think?

Should wedding photographers not be seen or heard?

Or is it ok to jump on the dance-floor and make an impression?