The 12 revelations that will transform your photography business

Great news. I’ve finished our latest FREE eBook called ‘The 12 things holding you back from a great photography career’.

It’s about how to overcome your greatest competitor – yourself! Most of us are riddled with self doubt, lack of confidence and fear.

The book reveals the 12 things we all wrestle with in our business and I explain how to overcome them. For example, ‘You’re concerned people will complain about your prices’.

We got a great response about this book idea when we emailed you last week. A big thanks goes to Marlana who reminded me I was missing one of the biggest fears we all have ‘You’re not confident your photography is good enough’.

It was pretty odd coming from Marlana as her photography is STUNNING! Which just goes to show we all suffer these issues to some extent. The more you can overcome them the more successful you’ll be. Conversely, if you never take control of the way you think and the way you see yourself, you’ll always be doomed to struggle.

But you CAN change. I did.

You can download the book right here. Just fill in the form below to get it sent to your inbox. It will feel like I’ve reached into your soul because these issues will resonate so strongly with you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ll answer everyone who gets in touch.