The 8 best and fastest ways to launch your photography business next year

1. Slap your biggest competitor

Your biggest competitor is actually inside your own head. The best and fastest way to launch your photography business is to address any underlying hangups you have. For example, if you’re feeling negative, or afraid, or lacking confidence then it’s likely you’ll keep bumbling along the same as before.

I used to have a whole host of doubts and hang-ups. I resisted almost every tip I’m about to share in this post, so I know how many of you feel.

Check out our free e-book called ‘The 12 revelations that will transform your photography business’ as it will help defrag your brain if you’re resistant to change.

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2. Show your portrait clients their photographs in person

This was the best thing I ever did for my business.


I used to burn CDs and do online sales too. The moment I swapped to in-person sales I tripled my average order value.

An increase like this is typical – often without having to even raise your prices.

If you’re not doing it yet then make it the next thing you do.


3. Figure out how much you really need to charge

There’s no point in getting more clients if you’re not earning enough from each one to survive.

I can’t tell you what to charge because your circumstances are probably different to mine.

What I can give you is a spreadsheet that lists examples of income and expenditure for a portrait and wedding photographer. All you have to do is tweak the numbers to see what you need to charge to reach your target.

Don’t forget how much time REALLY goes into a wedding or portrait session.

  • Initial emails and phone calls
  • Consultation to see if they want to hire you
  • Draw up any contracts
  • Scout the location / venue
  • Portrait sessions and meetings can often be postponed or even cancelled, wasting valuable time
  • Planning the photography
  • The photography itself
  • Selecting and editing the images
  • Showing the client their images
  • Designing albums and ordering prints and frames
  • Delivery
  • All the marketing and admin you had to do to get that client!


4. Build alliances with local businesses

This is the quickest and easiest way to get new wedding and portrait clients. I’ve put together this post and hour long video that explains exactly how I get wedding venues, bridal stores and wedding planners to recommend me.

You can use similar ideas to get more portrait enquiries too.


5. Ask every happy client to put a testimonial on Google

I ask all my clients to write a review for me on my Google page. This means that when someone Googles ‘Photographers Peterborough’ I’m listed at the top with a bunch of 5 star reviews.

My website is also ranked very well, but if yours isn’t then this is an excellent way of sneakily being on the first page of Google.

An reviews I get I also spread all over my website. Not just on a testimonials page.


I get so many people call me saying how impressed they were with all my rave reviews and that I was clearly THE photographer in the area.

People are scared of hiring the wrong photographer, so reviews provide reassurance. They’re even more powerful on Google because they’re clearly genuine reviews linked to people’s accounts.


6. Offer a money back guarantee

This is another simple thing you can start doing instantly.

In the same way testimonials provide reassurance for your clients, so does a guarantee.

We’ve all heard the horror stories about terrible or rude wedding photographers. Your clients and prospects have heard those stories too.

A guarantee shows you care about offering a great service. People hire people they like and trust. People will instantly warm to you when you have a written and signed guarantee.


7. Plan every day

Look at all the things a photographer needs to do.


Poor time management is one of the main reasons photographers struggle.

Even if you only get 30 spare minutes each day you can get a lot done over the course of a month.

The key is to work on the things that really matter.

How do you know what matters?

Think about where your pain points are.

Not enough enquiries? …then work on your marketing.

Getting plenty of enquiries, but not booking many?  …then work on your sales skills.

Getting lots of bookings but still not making any money? Then put your prices up and work on those sales skills and how to differentiate your business – check out this free ebook….


8.Choose a mentor

Earlier I said that in-person sales was the best thing I ever did for my business. Actually, it was getting a mentor. It was my mentor who explained the benefits of in-person sales to me in the first place. He helped me put a complete photography business system together. And that’s what we can do for you.

We help you every step of the way. Find out more about The Get Pro Photo Club here.

Whether you choose us as your mentor, or someone else, I urge you to find one. It’s the fastest way to success in the photography industry. It’s also the cheapest because you avoid wasting time and money on things that don’t work. Grab your free month’s trial here.