The easiest and most enjoyable way to market your photography…

Do you like eating in pubs? Do you like chatting to nice people who like the same things you do?

That’s exactly what I did on Tuesday. I met a wedding planner out in the Lincolnshire countryside. I even brought my wife and mother along and we had a pub lunch.

This wedding planner has already started sending me high quality leads.

Before that meeting we’d never even heard of each other!

So how do we go from complete strangers to best buddies who recommend each other?

Step one – I Googled ‘Wedding Planners Peterborough’ and looked at their websites to see who looked like they shared my target market.

Step two – I sent them an email to introduce myself and tell them I’d like to meet up for a chat as I have a whole bunch of ways I can help them and that I’m always looking to make new friends in the wedding industry. To be honest a phone call would have been better, but hey, it worked.

Step three – she said ok and… …boom!

It really was that simple. The key is to focus on ‘how you can help THEM’.

When I arrived I gave her a big box of Belgian Chocolates and we chatted happily about the wedding industry and our respective businesses for nearly two hours.

It was a lovely day, a highly profitable day and the finest and most enjoyable way to market your business. That one chat could be worth tens of thousands of pounds over the coming years.

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Marketing doesn’t have to be dull or cringe-worthy. I’ll show you how to make it as much fun as a bag of bunnies. Promise!