Episode 001 – The important questions to ask when starting a photography career

Welcome to the first ever episode of The Get Pro Photo Club podcast. I’m so excited about our latest project because it’s something that’s totally unique in the photography industry. In each episode you’ll listen to a coaching call I’ll be having with one of our students, Mari.

Meet Mari from MariLand images (website pending!)

You’ll be able to follow her journey from talented newbie with no clients, right through to becoming a full time photographer.

Well, that’s the plan! I’ll certainly be busting my ass and using every trick in the book to help her.

Along the way I’ll also be interviewing some relevant business experts and other successful photographers to provide their insights too

Who is this podcast for?

It’s specifically for part-time photographers who have a burning desire to go full time. However, 95% of the things we’ll discuss will benefit any photographer who’s interested in wedding and portrait photography.

Most of what we’ll discuss will be business related, so if you only care about understanding how to take better photographs then this podcast won’t be for you.

But, if you want more clients, better clients and a thriving photography business then this podcast is definitely for you.

Why should you listen?

There are a lot of photography mentors out there – some are great and some not so great. The trouble is it’s hard to tell the difference (a bit like with photographers!).

That’s what makes this podcast so special and completely unique…

…it’s not just me spouting theories, you’re getting to see Mari put these theories into practice and report back. That way you can see if they work (or not!). And when there are hiccups (which there inevitably will be) you’ll be able to learn from them and see how I help Mari overcome them.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this episode.

  • The important questions to ask yourself when launching your photography business
  • Why it’s important to think about the kind of photography business you want, so you can focus on what will make you happy
  • Ho w to differentiate your photography business
  • The importance of having a husband or wife or partner who accepts your desire to become a photographer (sadly, sometimes a partner or other family members will think it’s a pipe-dream and ‘not a real job!’ so may not want you to pursue this career).
  • Why part-time photographers need to be very organised and strict with their time.
  • Why you should think about your real reasons for wanting to be a photographer. Is it because you like people, or being creative, or freedom to make your own decisions. Understand that a huge amount of running a photography business is related to understanding BUSINESS and if that’s not something you want to embrace then this business may not be as fun as you hope
  • The importance of truly enjoying working with people and being good with people.
  • How to get over your fears of being rejected and fears of clients complaining and doubts about your photography
  • How your confidence improves based on your prices and the quantity of your enquiries and the importance of finding a balance.
  • How to increase your prices without feeling nervous.
  • Why one of the first things you need to do is launch a website, even if it’s ‘not perfect’.
  • How to avoid clients you don’t want to work with
  • How to attract clients you DO want to work with
  • Why you need to figure out the kind of photography business you want as early as possible
  • Why different genres of photography are a good or bad fit depending on your lifestyle.
  • Why you shouldn’t have preconceptions about what makes a good client

Premium content

If you become a Get Pro Photo Club member then you’ll not only get access to all the courses within the membership site, you’ll also get the full podcast interview each episode. The free podcast is missing some of the juicy stuff so our members don’t get upset we’re giving too much away.

The premium content this week is all about why I feel I made a mistake pursuing glamorous weddings – and what has been more successful for me instead.

I explain what makes good branding and how to avoid having a business that competes on price.

I also explain why you don’t have to feel bullied into ‘shoot and burn’ by your clients and how you can attract people who are prepared to pay more for finished products.

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