The key ingredient for successful photography marketing promotions

What does every magazine advert, website, leaflet, billboard, brochure, Facebook post and TV advert have in common? It’s not photography, or prices, or even a headline.


The effective use of words is the key ingredient for successful marketing promotions. Without words you can’t persuade anyone to do anything.

Great photography is certainly helpful, but there are lots of talented photographers.

Words are the only thing that can explain why someone should hire you over all those other photographers.

Most people would rather French kiss a wombat than write more than 100 words. This means their websites, adverts and leaflets are little more than photographs and prices.

To illustrate my point I have randomly selected 3 photography websites and clicked on their wedding information page. Here’s what I found:


Example 1



Example 2



Example 3



All 3 dived straight into their prices and what the clients ‘gets’.

There was little or no explanation of what made them different from the competition. There was no personality and no emotion.

Any couple looking at these 3 websites (and they’re all on the first page of Google in the same city) will simply go to the cheapest, assuming their photography is of a similar standard. Having said that, even their prices are very similar.

Nothing stands out to make a bride and groom get excited about working with them. Subsequently they all seem to be competing on price.

Where’s the pizzazz!?

The words in your marketing should:

  • Explain the benefits of choosing you over all the other photographers. This is the most important factor. If you’re unsure how to differentiate your photography business then get our free ebook on this page.
  • Reveal what it’s like to work you
  • Build trust. Glowing testimonials from clients should be liberally scattered all over your website. I also recommend you offer a money-back guarantee to demonstrate that you care about your clients and your work
  • Thoroughly describe your products and service in a way that creates excitement (although I’d urge you not to show prices)
  • Have your personality bouncing off the page, or screen.
  • Help your clients feel emotional and understand the value of photography. It’s easy to sound clichéd here if you’re not careful. However, even clichés would be better than soulless bullet points that vaguely describe your packages.
  • Tell the reader exactly what you want them to do next. If you want them to call you then write something like ….”Call me on xxxx xxxxxxx as soon as possible because I only have x dates left for next year. I can’t wait to chat about your wedding and find out how I can help.”

If you want to see how I write about my services then you can check out my website at Just make sure you don’t copy me otherwise Google is likely to ‘slap you’ and lower your Google ranking.

It may seem challenging to write in a way that’s persuasive (without being pushy) and emotional (without being clichéd).

Frankly, it’s not easy. But we can help you.

You have 3 choices:

  1. Carry on as you are, not getting as many enquiries as you’d like from your marketing
  2. Spend years learning the writing techniques of renowned marketing experts like Drayton Bird, Dan Kennedy and The Results Corporation
  3. Join Get Pro Photo Club so we can help you craft effective marketing messages that bring in the quantity and quality of clients that you want.

In your photography business you’re effectively buying clients. You’re buying them with either time, money or both. Wasting your time and money on ineffective marketing is more painful than watching a sex scene on TV with your parents.


The more efficient your marketing is the more time and money you save.

When your marketing starts to work effectively you can begin to raise your prices, safe in the knowledge you have a constant stream of enquiries.

Join us and we’ll show you how.