The most important conversation you’ll ever have…

Are you in a good mood?

What do you generally say when someone asks you how you are?

Your answer will speak volumes about your mental attitude. Too often I used to catch myself answering with “not too bad”.

It says a lot about my character. It’s basically my subconscious saying “Things aren’t quite how I’d like them to be, but I’m trying to stay positive. That’s me in a nutshell, happy and positive, but never quite satisfied.

Why does this matter?

Because the conversation that goes on inside your head is the most important conversation you can ever have.

You can brainwash yourself without realizing it – positively, or negatively.

You don’t have to dig around the world’s prisons for too long to realise that many of those people are there for the same reason. People had consistently told them they were useless and stupid and never going to amount to anything.

Many people tell themselves the same thing. Day in, day out.

It’s seriously damaging and it infects every part of your life, including your photography business. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

Do you catch yourself saying things like:

  • “No-one is going to pay that much for my photography”
  • “Why does nothing I try work?”
  • “I never have any time”
  • “It’s alright for these other photographers with their xyz”
  • “It’s impossible to compete because there’s so many cheap photographers out there”
  • “I hate the idea of selling myself and marketing, I’ll just rely on word of mouth”

This is the sort of poisonous conversation you need to eject from your mind. We all do it to some extent, but these days I catch myself and re-programme my thoughts straight away.

So how do you re-programme your brain?

The advice of ‘think positive’ isn’t enough. The following actions will help you think more positively (I call it ESP – as in Extra sensory perception):

  • Educate yourself
  • Strategise
  • Plan

I recommend that each morning you invest some time educating yourself on the skills you need to improve your photography business. The ideas you discover will get your mind charged up. While you’re all charged up you build a strategy with the ideas you begin to formulate. Finally, you calendarise all the actions you need to take you put your plan into action.

For example…

Educate yourself: while reading about how to market your photography business you discover that building alliances with other business is a good idea.

Strategise: Armed with your new idea you start to write down the names of businesses in your area who would make a good alliance. You write another list of possible ways you can help each other.

Calendarise: You put a reminder in your calendar to contact one business a week

This simple 3 step process gets you out of your funk and re-energises you.

So, what phrases are you telling yourself? If you’ve never thought about it, stop and listen. Can you see the connection between what you’re saying and the life you’re experiencing?

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