The one thing most wedding photographers want to know…

…How to get more wedding photography clients.

That was the main cause of frustration for most of our subscribers when we ran our survey last year.

There are many reasons you may be struggling to get wedding enquiries. However, you can boil it all down to one sentence:

Your marketing isn’t helping your prospects TRUST you and LIKE you.

A website with some nice photographs and a price list doesn’t get people to like and trust you.

An exhibition stand at a wedding event where you hand out price lists doesn’t get people to like and trust you.

A Facebook advert that says ‘Quality wedding photography from £xxx’ doesn’t get people to like and trust you.

So what does?

We’re going to explain everything in our members only webinar. You get access totally free because the first month of membership is free and you can cancel any time!

  • Here’s a portion of what we’ll be covering:
  • Why your website isn’t getting anyone to contact you
  • Why you’re only attracting price-shoppers who don’t value your talent
  • How I get bridal stores, wedding planners, florists and DJs to recommend me, even if they’ve never heard of me before.
  • How to get wedding couples to like and trust you with your marketing so they’re far more likely to contact you, even if your competition is cheaper.
  • There’s stacks more besides in this 90 minute webinar
  • PLUS I’ll answer any burning questions you might have

To get access to this webinar and every other webinar on our members only vault you just need to sign up to being a member. You can cancel any time and if you cancel before the first month is up you won’t be charged a penny and you’ll still have had access to around 20 hours of priceless photography business advice.

Of course we’re so sure you’ll love what you see that you’ll want to stick around. It’s only £14.99 a month anyway. That’s about the same as a cheap bottle of Vodka. So, what’s it going to be? Downing a bottle of Vodka to drown your sorrows as you shout expletives at the cruel photography world – or will you join us and enjoy a wonderful lifestyle doing what you love?

Personally I like to do a bit of both from time to time!