What’s holding you back from a great photography career?

I’m making the finishing touches to a FREE E-book called ‘The 10 things holding you back from a great photography career’.

I’d love to hear what’s holding you back. Here are the issues I currently address in the book so far:

  1. If I’m cheaper than the competition I’ll get all the clients I need.
  2. You think people will only pay what you’d pay.
  3. You think selling is evil.
  4. You’re concerned people will complain about your prices.
  5. You want to please everyone.
  6. You’re not putting the right things into your mind.
  7. You feel guilty about making money from something you love.
  8. You’re copying everyone else.
  9. You’re not treating your photography business as a BUSINESS.
  10. You don’t have an organised plan.

You’ll notice all of these are related to your mindset. That’s what separates the successful photographers from the rest. The way you think is the root cause of any issues you may have. It is for me and for anyone else.

The book is all about showing you how you can look at all these issues more positively.
And once your mindset is aligned with how other successful photographers think… …you’re almost guaranteed to succeed.

On the one hand running a thriving photography business is a lot more challenging than people think it’s going to be… you can’t just wing it. However, we’re not talking about becoming an astronaut here, practically anyone can do well in this business if they follow the right steps.

And we’re here to guide you along the path.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ll answer everyone who gets in touch.

I finished the eBook by the way! Click here to get it.