What’s your photography brand?

What’s your photography brand?

Good Monday everyone. It’s thought for the week time again. I’m currently getting a new logo designed, but logos are not what branding is all about. Logos are a teeny, tiny part of it. Branding is ultimately how a client FEELS when they interact with your business.

It’s the words you use in your marketing.

It’s the photographic style you have.

It’s how you chat with people on the phone and in person.

It’s the things you do and say when you’re photographing them.

It’s the whole experience.

My brand stands for ‘Helpful and fun’.

Currently my branding strategies and tactics are:

  • Being ‘The World’s Most Helpful Photographer’ through my ManKIND project where I’m doing a random act of kindness for someone from (or with heritage from) every country on earth.
  • Having photographs that are generally smiley, bright and colourful, with a playful or positive spin. I’m a big fan of Rock the Frock / Trash the Dress sessions, for example.
  • Getting involved in the local community and working with like-minded businesses to cement my position as ‘the helpful photographer’ who ‘walks the walk’.
  • Bring 2 bottles of Prosecco to every wedding so one can get sprayed during one of the group photographs and the other is given as a gift to the ‘best performer’ during the group photos.
  • I have a whole host of things I say and do while photographing people that are proven to get natural smiles and reactions. To find out exactly what I say and do check out the document called ‘ How to help people interact and relax in wedding and family photographs’ in the download section of the membership site.
  • Having helpful services like portrait consultations, scouting wedding venues with the couple to bounce around ideas and using ProSelect software so I can ‘virtually’ show portrait clients their photographs on the walls of their home, to scale.

So, my brand is quite distinct and unique, but I want to really ram it home even more.

I want to rewrite some of my website with a playful tone.

I want to rewrite my email response templates with a more playful tone.

I want to reword my wedding contract with a more playful tone.

Every time a client interacts with my business I want it to be ball-bashingly clear that I’m fun and helpful.

Not only will it help me get better and attracting the right people, I’ll also repel the people I don’t want to work with.

Like who?

People who take themselves seriously.

People who are afraid of getting some dirt on their trousers.

People who’ll have a meltdown if their wedding bouquet is the wrong shade of fuchsia.

I’m enjoying the process. Even rewriting my contract can be fun when I sprinkle some of my brand over it. For example, I say “You know when you normally sign a contract it feels like you’re signing your life away? Well, with this contract you’re signing MY life away, so it’s much more fun for you…”

If I can make someone smile while signing their wedding contract then I know I’m on the right track.

So I guess the thought for the week is ‘what’s your brand?’

Can you describe it in 1, 2 or 3 words?

How do you back those words up?

I’d love to know.

And if you’d like to know more about branding then check out our branding video which is currently downloadable in the download section of the membership site.

Finally, I’m off to Arctic Norway on Wednesday for 6 days, so I’m sorry if I don’t respond to questions as quickly as usual. We’re staying on a little Schooner for a spot of Northern lights and whale watching and then camping in a communal indigenous tent sleeping under reindeer hides and travelling on a husky sledge that I have to ‘drive’…

I don’t know if it sounds more fun than it is, or if it is more fun than it sounds. We’ll see. Chat soon – hopefully not from hospital.

Have a great week.