Why aren’t I getting photography enquiries?

Usually I give you a bit of a pep talk.

This week is different!

This week I’m going to be a grumpy, depressing twat!

I’m not sure why, we just booked our next holiday, so I’m actually in a good mood. I guess I just feel feisty.

Oh, and I’ve made a lot of these mistakes myself, and still do sometimes.

Anyhooo, that’s the caveats out the way. This week’s thought for the week is ’10 million reasons why someone didn’t hire you.’

I’m not pointing any fingers here – I know a lot of you work like crazy and do a lot of great things. However, this list may give you some things to contemplate.

Here goes… (This list is in no particular order.)

  • They didn’t know you existed because you’ve not done any marketing for months.
  • Your marketing lacked personality, emotion, clarity, purpose, intrigue, specificity and reasons to choose you.
  • You didn’t respond to their enquiry for days (my clients often tell me other photographers don’t respond, which just baffles me).
  • Your website was just photographs and didn’t explain why they should choose you over the other 100 photographs in town.
  • Your marketing didn’t have any personality so they couldn’t decide whether you’d be the right kind of photographer for them.
  • You were too expensive.
  • You were too cheap.
  • Your profile photograph makes you look creepy, or you don’t have one at all so they have no idea whether you have tattoos on your face, or if you’re 97 years old.
  • You didn’t explain how your service works and they didn’t want to have to guess, or ask.
  • They couldn’t see any social proof that other people have hired you and enjoyed working with you (testimonials, Facebook comments, Google and Facebook reviews, Facebook and Instagram followers, Blog posts etc.)
  • Your photographs and service looks like everyone else’s.
  • When they met you to see if they wanted to hire you all you did was ramble on about yourself.
  • When they met you you seemed nervous or shy.
  • You emailed them prices and scared them off.
  • You didn’t email them prices and scared them off… or they couldn’t be bothered to call you like you asked. Did you follow up?
  • Your website looked like everyone else’s
  • Your website was confusing.
  • Your website made you look like a jack-of-all-trades.
  • They looked at your personal Facebook page and read your periodic bouts of rage!
  • When they called you on the phone you seemed distant and lacked enthusiasm.
  • Your pricing and packages were confusing.
  • When they said you were too expensive you just let them go, when they actually loved you and your work and wanted you to persuade them (without being a douche bag). They felt you didn’t seem keen on THEM. Yes, it goes both ways.
  • They subsequently saw another photographer’s work which was just plain better.
  • You didn’t offer what they wanted. Or what they thought they wanted. You didn’t explain the benefits of you approach (without sounding preachy!)
  • You didn’t ask what they wanted and another photographer did.
  • You didn’t give them any ideas.
  • You didn’t seem to care.
  • They didn’t care.
  • You didn’t help them understand why they should care.
  • They wanted a studio session and you don’t offer them and didn’t explain the benefits of a natural setting.
  • They wanted a natural setting and you don’t offer them and didn’t explain the benefits of a studio setting.
  • Life got in the way and they forgot all about it and you never followed up.

The list goes on.

Can you add some more?

Can you see how many opportunities we have to drop the ball.

Can you see why this business can be harder than we think.

But equally, it’s easy too.

Be good at what you do.

Be different and distinct.

Be helpful and kind and professional.

Be fun and charming.

Now do all those things in public and charge enough to be happy.

And if I just overwhelmed you then why not become a member so I can help you create the photography business you’ve been dreaming of.