Episode 004 – Working with charities to grow your photography business

Honestly – In this episode we bounce all over the place! Perhaps the biggest chunk is on working with charities to grow your portrait photography business.

Partnering with charities is wonderful for many reasons.

Obviously there’s the sense of wellbeing and personal development that we all get when doing things for others.

However, it also positions you as a kind photographer who’s active in the community.

It also connects you with some of the area’s movers and shakers, so it’s great for networking too.

It also gives you an excuse to run a promotion that helps the charity while bringing in clients. For example, you could donate a percentage from each order towards the charity and promote the offer to your email list, on Facebook and through Facebook advertising etc. And if the charity has a donor database then you could work with them to mail your promotion to their database.

The more you help your community, the more they’ll help you.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this episode.

  • The easiest way to find businesses alliances who will help you promote your photography business
  • Ideas for how you can work with charities to help them AND bring you more clients. Get Pro Photo Club members can get much more detail on this in our 30 minute video on the membership site called ‘How working with charities can grow your business’
  • How to choose a charity to work with
  • We allude to a Facebook course that our members are using which is bringing in dozens of targeted enquiries for weddings, families and baby sessions.
  • We go through some basic Facebook tips as Mari doesn’t really use it. Eg:
    • How to increase your number of Facebook business page followers
    • How to tag people
  • If you behave like a full time professional photographer then people will treat you like one

 Premium content

Not only do Get Pro Photo Club members get to access to dozens of courses, videos and downloads to help you grow the photography business of your dreams, you also get access to the whole podcast interview.

The premium content this week is:

  • The wrong way to set your photography prices
  • The right way to set your photography prices
  • The one thing every family photographer needs to run a successful business (and no, it’s not a website or a social media account!)
  • Why my wedding contract helps me book weddings
  • Why I don’t bother with a family portrait contract and have never needed one


I asked Mari to start using her Facebook and Linked In account so she can see where some of her friends and acquaintances work and see if any will make good potential business alliances.

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