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It’s like having access to every photography business product you’ve ever seen, all in one place, for a fraction of the cost!

I mean think about it, why pay £40-£400 per product when you can get access to all the best strategies in one place for just £19.99 a month?

Not only that, we’ve formulated all the strategies into a step-by-step coherent system that we help you put together.

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What is Get Pro Photo Club? What does it include? What does it cost?

I want to save you the pain, suffering and financial cost of sitting through all the business courses I’ve taken.

I want to save you the heartache of cocking up as many times as I have (although failure is a fantastic way to learn!).

That’s what Get Pro Photo Club is all about. We’ve distilled all the best information and left out all the garbage that doesn’t work.

Not only that, we put it in a system anyone can follow.

A step-by-step plan for your entire portrait and wedding photography business.

AND we help you put it all together by answering your questions and offering advice every step of the way.

As featured on:

The Get Pro Photo Club inspired me to be the photographer I am now. I was inspired by the teachings through the webinars of Dan and browsing the website will give you resources to become a successful photographer. I learned how to become a better photographer by overcoming my fears and believing in myself that I can price my portraits on what you are worth.

I joined this club because I wanted to learn more and the Get Photo Club proves that Dan and his team can help and share their secrets to become a successful wedding and portrait photographer. Thank you for supporting other photographers like me.

Paolo Alquiza

Specifically, here’s what you get and how it helps…

1. Access to dozens of videos on how to earn a great living in portrait and wedding photography

  • How to triple your family portrait income without raising your prices
  • How to go from part-time to full time photography
  • How to get wedding venues, bridal stores and florists to recommend you immediately – even if they’ve never heard of you before.
  • How I book 89% of wedding couples who meet me
  • Live roleplays on how to handle the tricky questions and issues that clients throw up
  • How to compete with cheap portrait photographers without lowering your prices
  • How to price your photography for maximum profits
  • The ‘NO BS’ way to get your website ranked well on Google
  • Why you’re attracting the wrong sort of clients and what to do instead
  • …and bucket loads more

2. Get personal one-to-one advice and feedback on your most pressing issues

Maybe you don’t know why your website doesn’t get enquiries.

Maybe you only seem to be attracting price-shoppers.

Maybe you just feel lost and simply don’t know what to do next.

As a Get Pro Photo Club member all you need to do is let us know your issue and we’ll bend over backwards to help.

You won’t find such a tailored, hands on and personalised mentoring programme like this anywhere else on the internet.

We respond to every question! No matter what it is, rest assured you’ll get specific advice to any challenge you face.

4. Steal our templates, spreadsheets and designs

One of the things that sucks up all your time is writing and design marketing materials, or figuring out pricing spreadsheets.

As a Get Pro Photo member you get access to all our marketing designs, pricing spreadsheets, cheat-sheets and sales scripts.

For example, there’s an Excel spreadsheet that calculates all your income and costs for an entire year! You don’t have to figure it out yourself.

Once you have signed up head straight to the downloads page and take your pick. We have 13 useful tools just waiting to assist you.

5. Get help, advice, motivation and community spirit from our private Facebook Group


Photography can be a lonely business. It’s great to share your frustrations and successes with other photographers. You realise you’re not alone and that we all have the same highs and lows.

And, once again, we’ll be there to support and advise anyone who leaves a comment in the group.

The group is completely private, so your clients and friends will never see anything that’s talked about in the group.

6. Steal a winning formula – you have my permission


Think of it like this. Imagine you were going to open a restaurant. What would you give to have Heston Blumenthal give you all his secrets and be available to answer your questions and critique your cooking and your business ideas? You’d kiss him on his cherry lips, right!?

It’s obvious when you think about it. We even knew the secret at school. The easiest way to do your homework was to copy the smart kid who’d done all the reading.

So here you go – have my homework. Copy my templates. Copy my sales scripts. Copy my marketing, pricing and systems. Cheat. I won’t tell the teacher and you won’t end up in detention.

Grill me, pick my brains, get your website and marketing materials critiqued – whatever you want.

You’ll never have to feel frustrated, lost or disheartened again. Simply share your issues with us and we’ll sort them out!

So, sign up for one month’s free membership and you’ll go straight to the top of the class.

There is absolutely no risk to you. We offer a full 6o days to try us out. Unrestricted access to the whole site. Not happy? Simply email us within your first 60 days and we’ll cancel your subscription. No hassle and no questions asked.

Want 12 months for the price of 10? Click here to purchase our annual subscription.

There’s lots of free advice on the internet about how to build a successful photography business…  …so why on earth should you pay for our advice!? Here’s why:

  • If you have a business problem that’s frustrating or worrying you then we will THOROUGHLY explain EXACTLY what to do. We’re like the emergency services for photographers. We’re here to help whenever you need us. No photography course gives the ongoing support and guidance that we offer.
  • You don’t have to spend hours roaming the internet looking for answers. Just ask us and get a quick, detailed response that’s based on a proven photography business strategy.
  • Our membership site has dozens of hours of complete courses covering marketing, sales, pricing and personal development. Access to this kind of information would normally cost £hundreds on other websites.
  • You could be a member for 1,2 or even 5 years plus before you’ve paid as much as you would for many of the online, or offline photography courses out there.
  • Have you spent big money on photography business courses but found you were unable to get the same results they promised? It’s often down to a little detail or two that you may have missed. Having someone like us supporting you every day means you can quickly overcome those annoying hurdles.
  • If I gave you an E-book on brain surgery I still wouldn’t be very comfortable with you poking around inside my wife’s skull! Therefore a crash course on photography marketing, pricing or sales techniques isn’t going to answer all your questions about running a successful photography business.

There’s simply too much to know. For example…. Look at this scary chart which outlines many of the skills a photographer needs to master.

It’s overwhelming. It was for me and it probably is for you.

Where do you start? Where do you go for help? Who do you ask? Who do you trust? Who’s right, who’s wrong….???    AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

I get it. That was me in 2006.

For 4 years I roamed the internet bouncing from blog to blog, never really getting anywhere.

It was soul destroying. I wanted to leave the drudgery of the day job but it was one problem after another:

  1. First I spent every spare moment trying to improve my photography. I never felt I was good enough
  2. Finally I was satisfied with my skills, but I struggled to get any enquiries.
  3. Then I started to get enquiries but no-one was choosing me.
  4. Yey – I finally got a few bookings…!    …but I made so little money from each client that it was worse than minimum wage.

I felt incredibly lost.

Your photography business is a bit like a car. If one thing isn’t working the whole vehicle grinds to a halt.

If you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle you’ll have no idea why your business is struggling. It’s like trying to fix a car but only knowing how to change a tyre.

Online, nobody likes to give you the complete picture because they want to sell you another piece of the puzzle. You end up running from one guru to another, getting one puzzle piece here, another puzzle piece there…

You tell yourself that you’re piecing it all together. Soon, you’ll have all the pieces, you’ll understand how it works, and you can get started.

But here’s what nobody tells you:

There isn’t just one puzzle. You can spend years gathering all the pieces, but they will never fit together, because they aren’t from the same box! 

So what’s the secret to becoming a successful photographer?


Choose one main mentor. Someone who shares a complete and proven system and is prepared to help you put it all together.


All the successful photographers I know had mentors. They didn’t wing it.

As a photographer you’re the marketing department, the sales department, the web team, the pricing strategist, the admin team and the IT geek too.

Most business owners think running a business is common sense. It’s not. It’s uncommon sense. That’s why most businesses go out of business.

If it was easy everyone would be successful.

There is absolutely no risk to you. We offer you a full 6o days to try us out. Unrestricted access to the whole site. Not happy? Simply email us within your first 60 days and we’ll cancel your subscription. No hassle and no questions asked.

Want 12 months for the price of 10? Click here to purchase our annual subscription.

Isn’t Get Pro Photo Club just out to make a quick buck?

Get Pro Photo Club makes me less money than my photography business! It always makes me laugh when people say that it’s easy to make money online. It’s even more competitive and complex than building a photography business.  

We’ve priced Get Pro Photo Club so that anyone can afford it – even if you’re struggling. Plus you get a 1 month free trial.

If we wanted to make a quick buck we’d have a big price tag and build a one-off course with no customer support and no refunds. Instead, we designed ourselves into a business that only survives in a long-term relationship with you.

The real reason I do Get Pro Photo Club (aside from the fact I get pleasure from helping people) is I’m building my skills for the future so when my troublesome knees aren’t up to photography any longer I’ll have other skills to fall back on.

Who’s behind Get Pro Photo Club?

It’s always wise to know who you’re learning from. Check out this video to and you’ll discover that:

  1. Yep – I’m a real human being and I’m still a full time photographer with a website and a Facebook page etc. There’s nowhere for me to hide!
  2. I was a marketing professional for 15 years and I’ve studied the courses and programmes of some of the world’s top marketing professionals. People like Dan Kennedy, Drayton Bird and The Results Corporation.
  3. Every day I put into practice the strategies we share on Get Pro Photo Club. If they didn’t work I’d go out of business.

Watch the video tour of our site

Take a behind the scenes look to see what you’re getting.

There is absolutely no risk to you. We offer you a full 6o days to try us out. Unrestricted access to the whole site. Not happy? Simply email us within your first 60 days and we’ll cancel your subscription. No hassle and no questions asked.

Want 12 months for the price of 10? Click here to purchase our annual subscription.